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Prevention of atrophic gastritis

Updated: Monday, Jan 18,2010, 5:01:36 PM
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1. Diet

For acute gastritis. Should be removed cause, bed rest, fasting stomach to stimulate all the right diet or drugs, as appropriate, fasting or giving flow of food, right there is bleeding be hemostasis.

2. Jishi rough and irritating foods

Jishi excellent too spicy, salty, overheating, excessive rough and irritating strong food. Such as fried foods, Curing food, pepper, garlic and so on. Regardless of citrus juices, tomato products, coffee, wine, and all will directly stimulate the esophagus food will not cause stomach acid, you'd better avoid eating.

3. Avoid high-fat foods

High-fat foods, alcohol, sugar, chocolate would sphincter to relax, causing reflux, so if you have heartburn symptoms, they should avoid these foods.

4. Roundworm Yue Yue help slow digestion

Chewing food thoroughly to the digestion definitely help, you should thoroughly chew foods until full and saliva mixed meal to avoid the pressure, you can make your digestion there is a good start.

5. Eating regularly

Conditioning maintenance diet, regular quantitative eat regularly in order to maintain normal digestive activity rhythm. Must not eat one meal hunger and meal, or do not eat breakfast, in particular, should avoid overeating.

6. Attention to nutrition balance

Nutritious food selection, food-based valuables digestible diet that includes vegetable protein, vitamins and more food. You can eat cooked chestnut, large rice porridge, goat's milk, yoghurt, white cheese, to open Philippine milk. If the symptoms are serious, eat some soft foods, such as rice soup, avocados, bananas, potatoes, squash. Stir all the vegetables chopped, and then cooking. Occasionally, eat steaming hot vegetables, such as carrots, carrots and broccoli.

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