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Polymyositis Care

Updated: Tuesday, Feb 09,2010, 3:04:03 PM
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(A) Life Conditioning

1. Acute period should stay in bed, do the passive joints and muscle activity, 2 times a day to prevent the Organization of atrophy, but not to take the initiative to encourage activity.

2. Convalescence may be mild amount of activity, but not move too fast a rate not be too big, according to degree of muscle recovery, and gradually increase the volume of activity, functional exercise to avoid fatigue, to avoid serum enzymes. 3. To maintain the spirit of a happy, strong disease-fighting confidence.

(B) diet Conditioning

1. Reasonable arrangements for food, to ensure adequate intake of vitamins and protein.

2. Jishi cold, spicy of the goods, to avoid hurting the spleen dampness.

3. Replenishing clinical Diet therapy is usually mainly spleen kidney can be used as diet drugs, yams, Coix Seed, soil Poria, Cordyceps sinensis, Chinese angelica, wolfberry fruit, donkey-hide gelatin, Ganoderma lucidum, Placenta and so on.

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