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Periarthritis of home care

Updated: Friday, Jan 15,2010, 2:14:46 PM
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Inflammation around the shoulder joint is the joint capsule and articular soft tissue degenerative changes and chronic inflammatory response, and good hair in the 50-year-old woman. Their sacrifice for long-term back pain, shoulder activity disorder also known as "frozen shoulder", forge a shoulder or "leakage shoulder style." The slow onset of this disease, no obvious incentives can dull the pain, knife pain, aggravated at night, and even pain, the pain often woke radiation to the neck, back, forearms and hands, generalized pain and tenderness without limitations. Due to extensive soft tissue around the shoulder joint activities adhesion Ershi limited outreach, external rotation, internal rotation barriers of the most obvious, if they can not comb the hair, face, wearing undress, ipsilateral hand could not touch back and so on. Frozen shoulder is a chronic disease can be gradually improved and cured, treatment is based on pain, functional training, promoting the principle of recovery of joint function, you can use physical therapy, hot packs, massage, or massage to help relieve pain and promote shoulder to increase the scope of activities. The Ministry of the tenderness that can be used for partial closure of prednisolone acetate per dose; acetate, prednisolone 25mg +0.5% procaine 4 ~ 5ml, week 1, a total of 3 to 4 times. Should pay attention to the strict aseptic technique. In the short term, try to avoid contact with water, not cold baths, able to endure the pain in the shoulder within the movement, movement should be based on auto-oriented, combined with a passive. Training methods often:

① shoulder ring to switch sports. That the patient bent down, so that the affected side of natural droop to clockwise, then counterclockwise ring switch activities. Will also allow the patient bend over and use 90 ° limb drooping Fu Jian limbs blocked limb, so that elbow flexion 90 ° to ring transfer activities.

② shoulder internal rotation and internal rotation of extension activities. Ipsilateral touch back method is based on the affected side in the contralateral's help, gradually touch the opposite scapula, medial rotation after practice. The pulley exercise device can also be conducted on the limb placed behind the patient, and his hand holding the handle on the pulley exercise device, with another section of the Kin-limb grip pull down.

③ shoulder activities on the move. Climbing walls exercise is to allow the patient with ipsilateral finger on the wall to make the climb from the lower upward movement.

④ the activities of external rotation exercises. Patients with ipsilateral hand across the face to touch the contralateral ear, in order to practice shoulder adduction, external rotation activities. Functional training exercises should be 2 ~ 3 times a day, every 15 minutes. In the early, exercise must be a slow and sustained not be too hasty, or detrimental, to exercise more difficult when, and to encourage patients to overcome difficulties, and exercise, to receive good results.

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