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Periarthritis how patient during convalescence

Updated: Friday, Jan 15,2010, 2:10:13 PM
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Frozen shoulder patient patient during convalescence should note the following points:

(1) shoulder should be warm, not cold.

(2) appropriate exercise regularly, do calisthenics, tai chi, Ba Duan Jin and so on, not only of local blood circulation and flow, but also can enhance the soft tissue around the shoulder joint capsule and joint function, and thus prevent or reduce the periarthritis of the increase.

(3) The frozen shoulder occurs, the most important is an early stage ipsilateral shoulder active and passive functional exercise, such as vertical bending arm swing, rotation, Masachika climbing walls, climbing walls sideways, pull pulley and so on.

(4) to reluctantly adhere to exercise. Either active or passive activities, the patient will feel pain, and shoulder function recovery is not fast, but I firmly believe that it can heal. Ruoyin afraid of the pain, shoulder a long time without moving the shoulder muscles, especially the deltoid muscle atrophy occurs, restoration of normal function of the shoulder joint is a disadvantage.

(5) Since the fracture caused by frozen shoulder who should wait until the fracture healed completely after the treatment can only place an appropriate way.

(6) have high blood pressure, heart disease can not be fierce force is required caution.

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