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Lumbar spine bone hyperplasia causes

Updated: Wednesday, Dec 02,2009, 2:19:02 PM
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Lumbar spine bone hyperplasia most commonly associated with incorrect posture, age, trauma, strain, etc. have a direct relationship between the main reasons are as follows:

1, posture is not correct: lumbar spine bone hyperplasia in young patients mainly related to a long time to maintain the same posture, bad posture, bad result at the same time. Sleep soft Simmons mattresses, sleeping position a long time can lead to incorrect lumbar spine bone hyperplasia.

2, age factors: the aging of the human body is an irresistible law of nature, with age, lumbar spine, sport wear and tear is inevitable that there will be degenerative changes. Vast majority of normal people over the age of 60 when filming can be found in the lumbar spine spur formation, stenosis, degeneration of intervertebral aging.

3, history of trauma: The juvenile period of the lumbar spine injury, but also middle-aged lumbar spine bone hyperplasia occurring after a major external factors.

4, strain factors: the lumbar degenerative process, in addition to changes with age, it also has a lot to and lumbar strain. Have long been repeated lumbar strain and excessive activities of undesirable elements such as the stimulus, there may accelerate the degeneration of the lumbar spine, so that disc, bone spur formation, and continued to grow.

So, pay attention to the waist of rest and maintenance, they can slow down the speed and the degenerative lumbar spine bone spurs progress.

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