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Internal and external causes of ADHD

Updated: Saturday, Aug 09,2014, 5:11:43 PM
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ADHD more difficult with small children. The child in the womb fetal very calendar harm, after birth, more lively, restless, hands and feet touch even in infants do not quiet, feeding difficulties, the old cry, difficult to fall asleep. I fell asleep and wake up, wake up in the morning and early; the others are dead sleep very difficult to wake up. But wake up immediately to get up. Learning to walk is also a panic falls. Always Fannong things possible, not bad toy is knocked over Wanpen demolition. Adults, one not careful he had made some people think of things. At the same time they focus is on one thing for a short time, it is easy to be the sound of the outside stimulus such as dispersion, and this kind of distraction is not conscious, cannot control. These children can not be absorbed in the game, often give up halfway; often without thinking on the action, very impulse. Do not have the patience, when doing group games, often suddenly ran up to destroy. Their mood is very unstable, will burst into tears, again in a few minutes, like nothing like talking and laughing.

A variety of reasons caused by adhd. Experts think, ADHD is a behavioral disorder, it is also known as minimal brain dysfunction or mild brain injury. The cause of ADHD children with internal, external two.

The internal factors include genetic role -- because they have found in children with ADHD who relatives than other families who. There are children at birth or pregnant mothers had intrauterine infection, hypoxia, birth asphyxia, may have caused brain damage. There are many external factors: poor parental relationship, children with learning difficulties, or learning such as excessive pressure can weaken the regulation of brain function, promote the occurrence of ADHD and sustained. And the children of caesarean birth after prone to hyperactivity, nutrition can lead to excessive hyperactivity, and other such factors have lead poisoning. The specific cause of ADHD is not very clear.

Then the ADHD is not treated in time, can have what harm?

If not timely treatment of children with ADHD, later in the school, because not be meddlesome, the teacher's discipline, to influence others to learn. Excessively mischievous may be the parents of the beatings, hurt pride, and therefore prone to hostile, antagonistic psychology becomes, moves towards the society also because of poor adaptability, self-control ability is poor, vulnerable to the adverse impact on society and fall into a wrong path.

Childhood is an important period of life, if the children cannot receive a good education in school, weariness, truancy, performance decline, will not learn more knowledge, also grow up because of poor basic knowledge, to learn the necessary life skills, employment difficulties, affecting life. There have been some people surveyed 1292 young illegal criminals, found 976 in school-age children have been diagnosed as ADHD, accounted for 75.53%. The ADHD children prone to psychological problems, conduct disorder, and even illegal crime.

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