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How to prevent anal fistula

Updated: Thursday, Nov 12,2009, 2:35:47 PM
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Anal fistula from occurring, the vast majority comes from perianal abscesses, but the source of perianal abscess there are many other reasons, therefore, according to clinical circumstances, we believe that prevention of anal fistula should pay attention to the following aspects:

① diet clean: dirty food, can lead to diarrhea, can easily result in anal gland infections, caused by anal fistula.

② regular bowel movements: To develop the good habit of regular bowel movements to prevent the stool dry, damage anal skin and cause infection.

③ to keep the anus clean: wash partial or develop it after a day sooner or later, the habit of washing the anus to keep the anus clean.

④ Check gentle: In the anal routine inspection, to be gentle and avoid violence, so as not to damage the anus. Meanwhile, the stool dry and subject to the enema, we also should pay attention not to cause anal damage.

⑤ very early treatment of systemic diseases: such as diabetes patients with systemic disease should be treated as early as possible in order to control the resulting infection caused or aggravated the anus.

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