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Hemorrhoids patient care

Updated: Thursday, Nov 12,2009, 2:12:49 PM
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--- The main points of patient care and hemorrhoids hemorrhoids is a common disease Anorectal Its main manifestations are: early severe pain, walking inconvenience, restlessness, anal itching, blood in the stool, falling, or foreign body sensation and so on. Hemorrhoids mainly by the upper and lower rectal vein pressure increased, poor return of blood caused by cholestasis.

Generally divided into internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids three kinds.

The main points of patient care and hemorrhoids --- Chinese medicine, there are three main causes of hemorrhoids: First, partial eating or eat too spicy food. The second is long-standing sedentary lap, weight-bearing long journey. Third, diarrhea, pregnancy, childbirth, etc. so hot and humid endogenous, anus poor qi and blood.

Recurrence of hemorrhoids and constipation has a lot to. Especially when the weather dry, the body's skin and mucous membrane weakened resistance, flexibility and toughness decreased slightly prone to constipation do not pay attention to. The patient suffered from hemorrhoids local skin, mucous membranes, vascular pathological changes have taken place, such as not pay attention to protection, but also so easy to concurrent anal fissure. Thus, hemorrhoids patients in the health care process should pay attention to achieve the "five to":

Hemorrhoids patient care and the points --- one to be a reasonable diet. Any spicy food stimulation, such as mustard, pepper, chili sauce, ginger, green onions, garlic, fennel, etc. hemorrhoids patients should try to eat or not eat. Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink boiled water or drinking a laxative effect of drink, they do obscure can immerse themselves in water on behalf of senna tea. Hemorrhoid surgery, the patient should eating light, eating greasy fried foods are overweight or smoke, not smoking, not drinking, be it rice wine, white wine, or beer, are considered taboo out. The best diet regular quantitative, eat eight saturated and can not eat too much, hunger eat uneven to prevent gastrointestinal dysfunction.

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