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Frozen Shoulder Self-massage method

Updated: Friday, Jan 15,2010, 2:09:18 PM
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Self-massage steps and methods are: 1, with the healthy side of the thumb or the palm of your hand from top to bottom Anrou ipsilateral shoulder of the front and lateral, approximately 1-2 minutes, in the local pain points can click with the thumb moment. 2, with the contralateral hand section 2-4 refers to pulp Anrou all parts of the rear shoulder, approximately 1-2 minutes, Anrou the process can be also found to have localized pain in his hands a moment by pointing. 3, with the contralateral thumb and the rest of the fingers kneading the joint action of the upper arm limb muscles, from the bottom to the shoulder kneading time of about 1-2 minutes. 4, but also at the risk of shoulder abduction and other functions of position, using the above method to massage, hand massage side of the shoulder joint activities in all directions. 5, the final top-down palm palm rub 1-2 minutes, for less than the site of shoulder and back massage, can be introduced in front of beating France for treatment.

Daily self-massage can be a time, adhere to 1-2 months, there will be good results.

Frozen shoulder treatment measures

Principle for the treatment of periarthritis of shoulder periarthritis of the different periods of time, or their different severity of symptoms take appropriate therapeutic measures.

Frozen shoulder treatment should be based on conservative therapy. In general, if a timely diagnosis and treatment properly, can shorten the course of the disease, motor function recovery as soon as possible.

(1) In the period of periarthritis of shoulder pain in the early stage of the patient's pain heavier. The dysfunction is often due to pain caused by muscle spasm, so treatment mainly relieve pain, prevent joint dysfunction for the purpose of tape can be used to alleviate pain braking ways in which the shoulder joint can be fully closed; or use of closed therapy, most evident in the local tenderness at the injection prednisolone, or between the electrokinetic treatments, temperature heat or cold compresses relieve pain and other physical treatments, if necessary, Oral anti-inflammatory drugs, treated with antispasmodic analgesic tincture and other topical drugs, in the acute phase, generally inappropriate to use massage, massage methods, to prevent the pain increased, so that the extension course of the disease. Generally self to take some active movement exercises to keep the shoulder joint activity, in acute before the deadline, massage, massage, in order to achieve improved blood circulation, promoting local inflammation subsided purposes.

(2) the suspension period of frozen shoulder joint dysfunction is the main problem, pain is often caused by joint movement disorders. Therapeutic focus in order to restore function for the purpose of joint movement. Treatment can be used in physiotherapy, Western-style techniques, massage, massage, medical and sports a variety of measures to achieve the lifting of adhesion to expand the shoulder range of motion and restore normal joint movement functional purpose. For the symptoms of dysfunction, severe frozen shoulder patients under anesthesia can be used when necessary, great massage approach, torn adhesion. At this stage, should adhere to shoulder the functional exercise. In addition to passive movement, the patient should actively co-active movement to carry out functional training, active exercise of the whole course of treatment is extremely important part.

(3) to eliminate residual symptoms during the recovery period was mainly in order to continue to strengthen the principle of functional training to enhance muscle strength, recovery of waste has occurred in the early atrophy of the shoulder girdle muscles, deltoid and other muscles to restore normal flexibility and systolic function in order to achieve a comprehensive rehabilitation and relapse prevention purposes.

In addition to adopting different for different duration of treatment measures, should be considered against the severity of treatment measures. At this point, the foreign point of view, in accordance with passive exercise test due to pain caused by terminal movement limitations and feelings to determine their severity and guide treatment. If the passive movement, the patient feels pain occurred in terminal before, this time frozen shoulder is often acute, physical therapy should not take the initiative campaign, if the patient feels pain occurred in terminals at the same time, may be appropriate to use active motion, body treatment, when the terminal reached when feeling no pain, physical therapy should be used active exercise.

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