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Female hair loss is genetic?

Updated: Friday, Oct 23,2009, 3:22:20 PM
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The most common causes of female hair loss is a hormone rooting very sensitive to the male hormone, and this sensitivity is a genetic Moreover, testosterone is not unique to men. So, if now you are being plagued by hair loss, then please take a look at your family album, your elders to know whether there is bald, if so, where is your reason for hair loss must be caused by genetics. At this time, you can use estrogen-containing supplements, and topical head Pizi of shampoo at the same time adhere to drug treatment.

  These have contributed to help the hair root to prevent too sensitive to the male hormone, thereby preventing the occurrence of hair loss.


  In a different season, dandruff dandruff if every seasonal uniform began when the increase in scattered shoulders full of dandruff, it should beware of the head if there is a fungal infection of the skin condition. This is because genes determine your scalp is dry or oily, then you will need for your own choice of different types of hair shampoo.

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