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Fecal fistula symptoms and how to diagnose?

Updated: Thursday, Dec 17,2009, 2:03:24 PM
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If the fistula holes were larger and closer to the vagina mouth, forming or semi-formed stool Jieke vaginal discharge and has no control over the exhaust symptoms, stool diluted even more serious when the above-mentioned symptoms. If the fistula hole is small, faeces are more dry, you can not waste discharge from the vagina, only when the party would dilute manure vaginal overflow, but are beyond the control of the exhaust. If the fecal fistula and urinary fistula coexist, then the leakage of urine mixed with feces or both frequently exhaust. The vagina and vulva because of the frequent faecal droppings and secretions stimulated with chronic vulvar dermatitis.


Symptoms of rectovaginal fistula were simpler and therefore easier to diagnose than the urinary fistula. A large fistula holes can be seen under the vaginal speculum exposed or when DRE touch; fistula is not easy to see that the smaller hole, or the posterior wall of the vagina is only a small saw a bright red granulation tissue, such as from here to scout with the uterus exploration, stretching from the anus while another hand finger, the finger can be met with deep acupuncture diagnosis. If suspected small bowel or colon-vaginal fistula, in addition to combined surgical history analysis, it could be considered rectal barium or barium meal examination.

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