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Dandruff and its causes

Updated: Friday, Oct 23,2009, 3:02:40 PM
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Dandruff is due to dysfunction caused by the scalp, with hair no direct relationship between chemistry and physics. Dandruff has been seen as a chronic non-inflammatory scalp scales with psoriasis, dermatitis different special disease.

Some studies have confirmed the existence of dandruff on the skin inflammation. It was also suggested that the formation of dandruff may be contributing factors, including hormones, metabolic defects, diet, nervous system stress, drugs and cosmetics, such as caused by inflammation, dandruff causes have not yet been fully understood, there are still some controversy.

      The more common view was that the egg-type cortex Bacillus bacteria (PITYOSPQRUM OVALE) is the dandruff of common bacteria that causes one of the causes of dandruff. Therefore, an effective way to reduce the dandruff is to use antibacterial agent such as Ketacpnazole, Selenium sulphide and pyridine sulfur copper and zinc and so on, for example, containing Ketaconazole ingredients Nizoral lotion or rub the scalp with Selenium sulphide shampoo Selsun shampoo ingredients are can reduce the scalp micro-organisms to flourish, the effective control of dandruff. In fact, the distinction between dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis are certain difficulties.


Have dandruff are thinner than normal when the stratum corneum, epidermal update rate. To speed up the transfer of keratinocytes to the epidermis, hyperkeratosis is not complete, cuticle adhesion reduction, resulting in debris like dandruff. Dandruff with age-related, pre-pubescent little dandruff, generally from the onset of puberty, more than 20 years of age reached a peak when the decline in middle-aged and elderly. More dandruff in winter, less in summer. No significant difference between men and women. Anti-Dandruff shampoo more effective in inhibiting dandruff.


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