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Correctly handle the acne

Updated: Monday, Jan 04,2010, 2:20:45 PM
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What causes acne?

External causes: poor personal hygiene, wearing tight clothing and body friction over the use of not suitable for their own Cream and cosmetics.

Internal factors: genetic, hormonal metabolic disorders, stress (emotional aspects), malnutrition, drugs (cortisone) excessive.

The main reason is that many cases of internal problem, and the appearance shown in the face, chest and back, but the majority of people have the wrong regulation through a variety of cosmetic appearance;

The correct method of dealing with acne:

a. light diet and food supplement: Avoid fried foods, butter, cheese, all kinds of milk, ice cream, salad, chocolate, fat, cocoa and coffee type classes, candy, anti-corrosion treated fruit; eat some fresh The fruit, a large number of drinking water, fresh vegetables, fish, lean meat, chicken, cereal foods, complex carbohydrates, and keep the law of diet;

b. in food bromide, iodine and tea powder can stimulate the endocrine system, in turn can increase the secretion of sebaceous gland oil;

c. Vitamin A and zinc for acne have some control over the role, but should be taken strictly according to instructions.

The role of hormones on acne skin

a. adolescence: adolescent brain anterior pituitary secretion of gonadotropin, gonadotropin can promote the development of sexual organs, In addition, the adrenal cortex also play a role in puberty, these two glands are stimulated and generated a large number of steroid hormones into the circulatory system, to promote the development of the human body and even hair growth, while the formation of acne also play a role. Acne is generated can not leave the hormone exists a very small amount of excess growth hormone can stimulate the sebaceous glands and secretion.

b. Genetic: oily skin and acne in the human body has an active testosterone-converting enzyme, it is more involved in adrenal glands - testosterone synthesis, while the direct effect on the oil glands to release more quality ingredients. This hormone is also considered the role of hormones in the gland the role of offset elimination of acne, but that can eliminate acne, without prejudice to the normal human body can be difficult to resolve. Genes can make acne in the family of genetic down, similar to the gland periphery to form a network to determine the gland secretion.

Adult acne:

Adult acne is the pituitary gland is usually abnormal signal, this hormone excess associated with other problems, such as irregular menstruation, facial hair growth, low-throat tone. If there is no other reason, we can identify a cause of acne is generated. In the spirit of anxiety and tension, the body signals the pituitary gland to release more hormones to promote in order to meet the challenges, and then stab the adrenal cortex to secrete hormone into the blood system.

Of course, not everyone under pressure, acne occurs, but the emotional stress so that those who suffer from acne more likely. Such as anxiety, the duration of the elderly, the occurrence of acne the scope and depth of deeper, more complex. Now had found that in stressful situations, the fatty acid synthesis will increase.

Pregnancy and menopause:

Period during pregnancy and post-menopausal female hormone produced by the ovaries due to inhibited the secretion of anterior pituitary and the brain affected. If the secretion of ovarian hormones are affected, it will be the lack of control over the secretion of adrenal gland, resulting in excessive hormone, but there were too many oil and hair growth.

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