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Clinical manifestations of constipation

Updated: Friday, Dec 25,2009, 4:36:34 PM
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Constipation itself is not an independent disease but many diseases can be manifested in the digestive tract a group of symptoms, so it is constipation symptoms, its clinical manifestations can be recognized from the following three aspects.
I led to the corresponding incidence of constipation of the original performance: such as colorectal cancer may have mucous bloody stool, tumor; chronic intussusception may have abdominal pain, mass; anal fissure may have bowel pain, blood will be; spinal cord tumor location can have neurological signs; thyroid dysfunction may have Wei Leng, mucus edema.
Ii performance of defecation disorders:
1. Naturally plays a small, less than 3 times per week, less waste, natural defecation interval extension, and may gradually the weight.
2. Discharge difficult. Can be divided into two kinds of situations. Way for the fecal dry hard, such as the chestnut-shaped, it is difficult to leach out; The other is a hard stool is not dry and difficult to discharge. Some patients with a sense of conscious obstruction above the anus and defecation force the greater the sense of this obstruction of the more intense, forcing patients with excessive force, and even loud groan, very painful. Some female patients have fecal Preshoot a sense of the direction of consciously fecal anal not to fall, this is the direction of forward setting to the vagina; have experience stretching from the vagina with your fingers to the posterior wall of the pressure, make it easier for fecal discharge. Some patients feel fullness in the rectum, tail sacral pain, bowel dysfunction, with fingers, rolls, soap of the anus after defecation can be easier. The group of symptoms known as outlet obstruction syndrome. These patients, the majority (90.0%) had normal rectal-type it is intended, and they intended to frequent, prolonged defecation time, with an average of 23 ± 16 minutes, the most common bowel movement each time up to 2 hours.
Iii associated with symptoms. In addition to the aforementioned characteristic features of the original disease, the routine checks for those who found no obvious abnormality in patients with common symptoms associated with abdominal distension, abdominal pain, thirst, nausea and perineal pain. Most patients had felt uneasy, and some patients have mouth pain, headache, skin rash. Showed a small number of patients with neurotic individual has suicidal tendencies.

Points from the perspective of medicine, the authors believe that chronic constipation cards are mainly lack of fluid, air-Yu Zhi, spleen and three pairs of virtual patients.

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