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Chinese medicine treatment and care folliculitis

Updated: Monday, Jan 04,2010, 3:08:45 PM
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Folliculitis is caused by Staphylococcus aureus invasive follicular subacute or chronic suppurative skin disease. Disease because patients often feel hot and humid heat-toxin to be filled while the incidence of skin toxicity evil simmers. Diabetes patients and people suffering from itchy skin susceptible to the disease.

First, clinical features of folliculitis

A good hair with hair and easy on the friction parts, such as the head, entries, neck, arm and back, etc..

2, the initial issuance of the mouth can be seen when the hair follicle miliary red papules the size of the center through the hair, surrounded by inflammatory infiltration, papules quickly become pustules, pustules rupture or pulling hair belongs, we can see a small amount of pus or blood discharge, hair follicles The number of inflammation may be much or as little, and do not integrate. And consciously itching or burning.

3, protracted course, easy to repeated attacks, made in the neck are often "behind chaos" theory. In severe cases, can result in scarring alopecia, alopecia folliculitis said. The disease occurred at a beard who is called to be sore.

4, sometimes need to identify with acne vulgaris, which is more common in adolescence, often distributed in the face, upper chest and back, multiple acne-like lesions accompanied by black beans.

Second, treatment of folliculitis

1 to detoxification heat, Huoxue Ruanjian mainly of traditional Chinese medicine. Xian Fang survive often drink flavors disinfection decoction commonly used drugs are: Silver Flower Forsythia 15g Kawatsure 20g Soap 10g Barbed 10g Angelica 10g pollen 15g Daisy 10g to 10g Ding Shan Jia 10g Chinese angelica 10g licorice gun 6g. Shuijianbi day one, a two-temperature service.

2, Oral Chinese medicine Liushen, Meihuadianshe Dan, six of the pieces to be balls, heat-clearing and detoxifying.

3, partial to Ru Yi Jin Huang San, three yellow paste, Jiuhua cream coated with the lesion (on the drugs are medicines for sale).

4, pairs of repeated injections of transfer factor may be made by, its own vaccine or multivalent vaccine, can also be used to enhance the body from the blood immune therapy.

Third, to prevent folliculitis

1, folliculitis patients should pay attention to skin hygiene, non-irritating alcohol eat spicy food. Remove the incentive to avoid scratch.

2, treatment and the disease-related diseases such as diabetes, eczema, itching diseases.

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