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Children's hair loss to stress reduction, balanced nutrition.

Updated: Friday, Oct 23,2009, 5:26:59 PM
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An increasingly competitive society, the child's burden and the pressure gradually increased, resulting in an increasing number of children the number of hair loss. Recently, a hospital for treatment of hair loss upward trend in the number of children to understand the reasons for hair loss and found that most children are learning and academic stress due to excessive trace elements resulted in a lack of body, such as iron or zinc deficiency could cause hair loss. For children's hair should follow the principle of early detection and early treatment, the use of conventional treatment, the prognosis is relatively easier and the results would be very good. In addition, the treatment at the same time, parents have their children as much as possible to reduce the burden and pressure, to give the child to ensure adequate sleep, but also eating with restraint, not a partial eclipse, and picky eaters, to balance the body's nutrients.

In childhood, some children's hair loss, but because of the spirit of involuntary movements, or behavioral disorders, such as rubbing and pulling of the scalp caused by hair loss. This situation is called Tic, tic focus on something the child will behave more intense.

The most common hair loss in children with alopecia areata-based, like the majority of this category because of the lack of trace elements, and some small children with a partial eclipse, so that parents feel good distressed difficult to treat, in fact, with its current science and technology development, and treatment of children with hair loss is not a difficult thing, as long as they listen to doctor's proposal, combined with the active support of parents, children with hair loss is to soon be able to recover. Calcium deficiency sometimes occurs in children of early hair loss, children in feeding and sleep head sweating, excessive sweating caused by local stimulation, which children like to shake their heads. Shook his head, the occipital by friction, falling into Er Zhi hair loss. In addition, children with irritability, sleep easy to awaken, there is a calcium absorption problem, make up of frequent, non-absorption is no good. While complementing AD (cod liver oil) can help the absorption of calcium to prevent rickets, more sun also help calcium absorption, must be outdoors, can not be separated by glass, due to ultraviolet radiation can not penetrate glass.

     Another reason for hair loss in children is a scalp fungal infection that is what we call ringworm. It will lead to a circular patchy scalp hair loss, localized skin becomes pink or gray, with scaling, and accompanied by intense itching.

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