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Children's Alopecia attention to nutrition.

Updated: Friday, Oct 23,2009, 5:30:28 PM
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The parents of children in general hair loss do not have too much tension, a lot of children's hair loss as time goes by, your can all be restored, and is really suffering from the hair loss, it will not be too stubborn, as long as the proper use of medication, usually can be completely cured.

  Children's most common hair loss Alopecia areata mainly based, like the majority of this category because of the lack of trace elements, and some small children with a partial eclipse, so that parents feel good distressed difficult to treat, in fact, with its current science and technology development, and treatment of child abuse hair loss is not a difficult thing, as long as they listen to doctor's proposal, combined with the active support of parents, children's hair loss is to soon be able to recover.

    If the child severe hair loss, we should pay attention to whether the lack of nutritious, children are more sleep when Khan will make the pillow wet. For the child will be speaking, the first consideration is the nutritional problems in the hope their children nutritionally balanced. The so-called balance is soups are more, but we must pay attention to eat some fish, shrimps and prawns. If the illness is serious, it can first check the trace elements in the situation.


Hair loss in children, in the main treatment to conventional treatment, treatment is relatively easy, the prognosis excellent. It is understood that Chinese medicine effects of gene therapy would be better. In addition, parents should not give children as much as possible to exert pressure to ensure that the child enough sleep, so that eating festival, were not picky eaters partial eclipse.


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