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Children hair loss causes

Updated: Friday, Oct 23,2009, 5:28:19 PM
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So far, in children most common cause of hair loss is scalp fungal infections, that is what we call ringworm children will rarely be a hair loss, lanugo, but newborn babies after birth, shedding will occur, while the hair grow out again, might need to For a long time, so your baby may be a few months after birth there is no hair.

Infants can also be due to constant friction caused by the head hair loss. Baby sleep simply because the pressure generated by the weight of the head, you can make your baby's occipital area produce large areas of hair loss. This is because the newborn hair, hair root is not yet firmly attached to the skin, thus making it despite the friction is not frequent, can also cause hair fall off. It will lead to a circular patchy scalp hair loss, localized skin becomes pink or gray, with scaling, and accompanied by intense itching.

Cause temporary hair loss in childhood is another spot-shaped hair loss or alopecia areata. Alopecia Areata Patchy hair loss for the round. Suddenly, within a few months there is a small area of hair from alopecia areata give birth to his own ease.

Some children have hair loss, but because of the spiritual nature of involuntary movements, or behavioral disorders, such as rubbing and pulling of the scalp caused by hair loss. This situation is called Tic, tic focus on something the child will behave more intense.

Some parents should ask children alopecia serious? In general, hair loss is not serious, but in the hair re-birth, before it will make your child in a dilemma.

Child hair loss what we should do? Experts pointed out that: 1. Check the Department of Children scalp hair loss of the region, if the local pink or gray, and have scales, then shown to be ringworm. If not, then the child may be suffering from alopecia areata. 2. Note that child has a spiritual involuntary movements, when the attention is focused on rubbing or pulling hair.

Go to the hospital the best period is when? If you are suspected of ringworm, as soon as possible to see a doctor, if you can not determine the reasons for hair loss a child or children to have spiritual concerns involuntary movements, immediately see a doctor. In short, for our children's health, or early detection, early treatment to specialist doctors in the hospital as soon as possible to find the professional treatment; So far, the use of Chinese medicine hair loss gene regulation therapy for children is the best approach.

Our kids hair what parents should do this?

1. If the child has tinea capitis, in the head before the hair loss cure, do not let their children go to school.

2. If the child is the head of alopecia and a heavy psychological burden to the child wore a hat.

3. Periodic inspection of hair regeneration.

4. Try not to hair loss and make a fuss. The matter to tell the child's teacher, so as not to be too many kids out laughing.

5. If the child often fondle hair, try not to let children see you for this very disturbing. Calmly told him not to do so, to ensure that he was too tired or do not let anxiety, because in these conditions would exacerbate the behavior of his involuntary

In order to their own baby to have a healthy body, there is an optimistic attitude towards life, children's hair loss must be caused by many parents, the attention of the kids on a regular basis to check children's hair, if we find an exception to the professional as soon as possible to go to the hospital to be examined, treated to let the children troubled by hair loss as early as possible to get rid of, give their children a healthy and happy childhood.

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