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Cervical spondylosis can lead to paralysis

Updated: Sunday, Nov 01,2009, 8:39:04 AM
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Cervical disease is one of the ills that plague humanity,  What is more worrying is that, because of living pressure, cervical spondylosis has shown a trend of younger.

If the mild and moderate cervical disease is not given much attention to the deterioration may develop into was severe cervical disease, these patients medically known as "high-risk cervical" crowd, when their bodily slight shock, impact, or on the go by car, plane and other high-speed movement occurs jerk when you are likely to result in serious accidents, more serious is that when you get out of bed in the sleeping emancipated, may lead to lower limb paralysis.

What is cervical spondylosis

Are degenerative diseases of cervical disease, due to cervical disc degeneration, resulting in cervical hyperplasia, oppression, spinal cord, nerves caused. People suffering from mild cervical disease often feel dizzy, neck and shoulder discomfort, memory loss, energy, inability to concentrate, as the disease progresses, patients will there is a growing numbness in hands and feet, walking foot not true (step on the feeling of cotton), belted influenza (tied with the feeling), seriously affect the work and daily life.

Correct posture can prevent cervical spondylosis

Good posture is very important for the prevention of cervical disease, if a person's posture is not correct, it will cause the neck to change the mechanical structure of the irrational, increasing the pressure on cervical spine, for example, to move out for every 1 inch neck, cervical bear 1-fold increase in pressure occurs the possibility of cervical spondylosis has increased one-fold.

Also, do not pour over long hours of work, sitting an hour or two, they should get up to do some cervical setting-up exercises for the cervical spine to alleviate pressure on the advantage.

Health world tips:

Competing with the first cervical vertebrae protect the Hand gymnastics

His hands folded behind his head tilted back, hands forward force, the first hand-rivalry, every time 20 seconds, interval of 5 seconds to do a total of 20 times, can play to enhance muscle strength to protect the role of cervical spine.

Symptomatic treatment of cervical spondylosis

Self-diagnosis, the most important way to protect the cervical spine: If you have dizziness, numbness in hands and feet, first of all go to the regular hospital.

Mild cervical hyperplasia - medication, physical therapy, sports

May be under the guidance of a doctor, eating oral medication to alleviate illness. In addition, the correct amount of physical therapy, sports rehabilitation for the treatment of mild cervical disease is very effective.

Moderate cervical spondylosis - intervention, minimally invasive therapy

Severe cervical disease, surgical treatment can be used, decompression, internal fixation methods such as lifting the suffering of patients.

For cervical disease must be based on the patient's condition to choose ladder of treatment programs, joint use of drugs, physical therapy, interventional, minimally invasive, surgery, etc. to achieve the purpose of eradicating the disease.

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