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Calcium deficiency and the relationship between eczema

Updated: Saturday, Nov 07,2009, 3:33:00 PM
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More complicated because the causes of eczema, long time no treatment or treatment is unreasonable and can be transformed into chronic eczema or sub-acute eczema, increasing the difficulty of treatment, it must be found as soon as possible after the treatment, for the early rehabilitation, to avoid increasing the pain, some patients Eczema can be due to inadequate treatment of life-long companionship, reduce their quality of life.

Eczema is an allergic reaction, because more, including the internal and external causes. Mainly by external factors of various chemical substances such as dyes, drugs, paint, soap, detergents, cosmetics, etc., physical factors such as sunlight, ultraviolet rays, cold, hot, dry, wet, and animal fur, feather, Glass and other material incentives, it can cause eczema. The body of chronic diseases such as digestive system diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, intestinal parasitic diseases, mental stress, chronic alcoholism, metabolic dysfunction, endocrine dysfunction, mental or emotional changes, insomnia, fatigue, etc. may also cause eczema.

Daily life of some foods, such as fish, shrimp, milk protein, such as the opposite sex, pollen, dust, and changes in the weather can induce eczema, or to aggravate eczema. At present, the cause of eczema is not very clear, generally considered to be type Ⅳ allergic reaction, and the body affected by antigens such as fish, shrimp, etc. T lymphocytes after stimulation by allergens, and a large number of breeding, when the same antigen again (fish, shrimp, etc.) contact , sensitized T cells continue to divide and multiply, and release all kinds of lymphokines, causing inflammation.

That eczema and calcium deficiency, though?

Main symptoms of infantile eczema is very itchy, often accompanied by crying disturbed, not only night terrors Yeti, daytime sleep instability, and sometimes crying when feeding, common in children with posterior occipital and back sweat, often crying out when the Khan body calcium deficiency disease.

The causes and pathogenesis of eczema is more complicated in recent years, some experts believe that eczema may be due to vascular calcium cramps, lack of local blood supply, there skin clinic, skin thick-made, dander more.

Because the calcium involved in nervous excitement and release of quality Road, regulate autonomic function, sedative, anti-inflammatory effects and reduce the role of vascular permeability, so calcium in the treatment of wet-up care in consultation nettle has not been reached in other drugs to the function. Calcium in the past as a non-specific desensitization therapy for skin diseases such as eczema and nettle diagnosis and effective, but also prove that calcium deficiency is a major factor causing eczema.

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