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Baldness is really wise man acts?

Updated: Friday, Oct 23,2009, 3:10:39 PM
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So often in society, a word to describe the bald people, that is, "smart brain is not long-haired," alopecia are often perceived as more intelligent, prudent, rational, and it really true that baldness is a wise surface. In fact, not every alopecia who were wise, there are those who do not are fools hair. "Smart's head is not long-haired" there is no scientific basis. Bald hair loss, also known as the disease is the body's appearance of symptoms of a signal, so we have to attract attention.

In medicine can be divided into temporary hair loss, hair loss and permanent hair loss, two broad categories. Temporary hair loss for various reasons, mostly by reducing blood supply to hair follicles, or the occurrence of local regulatory function of nerve barrier, resulting in malnutrition caused by hair follicles, but no structural damage hair follicles, so new hair can be regenerated after treatment, and restitution. Permanent hair loss is due to various diseases caused by structural damage leading to new hair follicles can not be recycled. Whether it is temporary or permanent hair loss, hair loss, its incentives and spiritual factors, hormone levels, genetic factors, and mechanical and other factors.

Psychogenic alopecia is hair loss caused by excessive mental stress, under the effect of mental stress. Li Mao muscle contraction in the human body, hair erect, and to transport nutrients to hair follicles shrink the capillaries, resulting in local blood circulation disorder, resulting in hair ecological changes and malnutrition, mental stress can also cause excessive sweating and sebaceous gland secretion of growth, resulting in a serious the first scale, reducing the first occurrence .

Keeping the environmental quality, leading to hair loss. Psychogenic alopecia is a temporary hair loss, improved mental state, reducing stress, generally can be self-healing.

Alopecia areata commonly known as "Gui Titou" is a kind of limited macular hair loss, sudden onset, after bradycardia, etiology of neuropsychiatric factors may be caused by a temporary fiction hair growth, endocrine disorders, immune dysfunction, infectious disease, or other internal organs may also be related to. Expressed as the head suddenly appeared round or oval-shaped spot-like hair loss, many without symptoms. Surface of the skin smooth and shiny scalp. Progress of the disease, when the damage extended peripheral loose hair off easily, the hair will be fully stripped of individual patients, severe eyebrows, beard, armpit, pubic hair, etc. can fall off. The disease can be self-healing, but can often relapse, the course for several months or longer. The new recovery was slim soft gray hair, it seems stupid hairy, thick black gradually and finally back to normal. For the treatment of alopecia areata should be looking for the cause, and then use methods such as psychological counseling for psychological therapy, can also be supplemented by oral administration and topical medication.

Androgen-induced alopecia, also known as early as baldness, commonly known as "bald", the incidence is higher. The disease to the top of forehead and head is characterized by progressive hair loss, more common in men engaged in mental work, often in the 20-30 years old. Hair loss in general from the forehead and temporal region on both sides of the beginning, the former gradually receded hairline, forehead become high, increasing with age, cranial at the top of the hair gradually fall off, and both sides of the occipital hairline Department is still often left hair, alopecia area skin smooth or valuables left behind by a few sparse short hair. Progression of androgen-induced alopecia is slow, most of the top hair sparse, thinning hair, soft, no matter male or female of the species on the appearance of baldness implications. The cause of male alopecia may be related to genetics and male hormones. Such baldness, mostly in permanent hair loss.

Excessive seborrhea seborrheic alopecia is a place on the basis of hair loss, often accompanied by an increase in dandruff, oily scalp, itching obvious. Mostly occurs in the sebaceous gland secretion of exuberant young adults. Hair valuables, some of the scalp associated with seborrheic dermatitis, hair loss began gradually from the head at the top, spread and forehead. Scalp oily and bright red, forming a yellow oily crust. Treatment of seborrheic alopecia should focus primarily on hair health and care, Eat spicy food, hair should not be too frequent, local administration to remove grease, to reduce dander, mainly anti-inflammatory anti-itching.

Mechanical alopecia is caused by some special hair styles hair breakage or loss, such as women's braids, hair and other hair style, hair, men's sub-type, will result in mechanical alopecia. Hair is required to maintain a certain degree of natural canopy loose and the right pressure to keep the appropriate flexibility. Such as Beijing Opera actors and female athletes, for performances and competitions, often backward hair pulling, and tie tightly with ribbon or rubber band up, causing hair to break off his forehead, the hairline back.

Salt alopecia is hair loss caused by too much salt. Salt can cause water retention in the human body, the same period in the hair too much can cause water retention and affect the normal hair growth, while the hair too much salt to provide a good breeding ground for bacteria a place susceptible to scalp. Add salt, too much sebum also induce a variety of diseases, resulting in an increase in the first scale, the phenomenon of increased hair loss.

Sugar alopecia is hair loss caused by excessive sugar. Sugar in the body's metabolic process, the formation of a large number of Sanso, destruction of vitamin B family, to disrupt the hair pigment metabolism, resulting in a gradual loss of hair, shiny black and brown. Too much sugar in the body can increase sebum can induce scalp seborrheic dermatitis occurs, followed by a large number of hair loss.

No matter what kind of hair loss, and regardless of what the causes of hair loss, everyone should be noted, and found that hair loss has to be timely to regular specialist hospital treatment, can not be sick trying everything, otherwise a waste of money, but also delay the disease, the current The best hair loss treatment in Beijing Hospital, Beijing Jing Ren Hospital, Beijing Jing Ren Hospital is a designated health-care units in Beijing. The hospital's hair loss, hair treatment center specializing in hair loss, hair treatment professional institutions. They learn from the international advanced scientific research into bio-engineering technology into hair loss, hair disease, pathological pharmacological research to find all kinds of hair loss, hair of the disease mechanism. Gene regulatory approaches to develop the use of traditional Chinese medicine to treat hair loss, white and incidence of a new generation of special effects pure Chinese medicine - "precipitating Spirit" series of prescriptions, can be very effective to activate hair growth genes, grow hair; fast melanocyte stimulating cell growth, so that black hair quickly, the effect wonders. After suffering more than 13000 seborrheic alopecia, alopecia totalis, spot removal, chip off (commonly known as "Gui Titou), etc. all kinds of hair loss, hair in patients with multi-tracking statistics, using this new method of treatment efficiency as high as 95 %, much higher than traditional therapies. a lot of use every means to ineffective treatment of patients with a "precipitate spirits" after treatment, are given a satisfactory therapeutic effect. cured patients after the lifting of the heart troubles, began full - a new life.

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