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Anal fistula harm to human body

Updated: Thursday, Nov 12,2009, 2:26:13 PM
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Anal fistula patients have their own personal experience and suffering. Once the anal fistula formation, very little opportunity for self-healing, fistula complicated after so much trouble with a certain degree of harm.

The first is water pollution pus underwear, after intense activity to promote pus to leak out, often to stimulate the local skin friction, itching, very painful, affecting their work and learn, over time will enable frail wasting, lack of energy, decreased disease resistance, there anemia, seizures also has become increasingly frequent, the formation of reciprocal causation.

In fact, due to repeatedly attack pierced the wall of pus can be spread to form cis-sphincter gap multiple, complex anal fistula, has not only brought difficulties to the treatment, but also affects the normal physiological function of the anus. Multiple anal fistula may form a recto-vaginal fistula, rectal urethral fistula and rectal bladder skin fistula, threatening the surrounding organs. And anal fistula are malignant tendencies.

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