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Anal fistula, cancer?

Updated: Thursday, Nov 12,2009, 2:31:23 PM
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Q: I am diagnosed with anal fistula almost a year, there is nothing uncomfortable it has not been treated, I heard that some will be malignant, is that true?

The expert replied: We have seen in the clinical anal fistula, mostly after-effects of perianal abscess. The main manifestations of anal fistula around the mouth constantly emit a small amount of purulent secretions, stimulate the surrounding skin, causing itching discomfort. When the outer mouth obstruction or pseudo-healing, fistula can not be discharged within the purulent fluid, or the formation of abscess. At this point, there may be symptoms of anorectal abscess, and have varying degrees of local swelling, pain, fever, generalized weakness. Ulceration, or abscess incision and drainage on their own, the symptoms slowly disappeared. This due to poor drainage of abscess formation, often a "pain - pus - ease" recurring, which is characterized by clinical manifestations of anal fistula. Of anal fistula is not removed within the mouth will be repeated attack and permanently, so the key is the treatment of anal fistula orifice and accurately locate.

Although the clinical data from a large number of point of view, the majority of anal fistula is not malignant transformation. Undeniably, there are still a small number of patients with anal fistula can develop as a malignant disease, especially in recent years, the anal fistula more than 10 years reports of malignancy increased year by year. It leads to malignant causes, generally have the following three aspects: ① the long-term chronic inflammatory stimulation. Of the long-standing inflammation, making purulent secretions and faeces discharged from the fistula, thereby stimulating the abnormal proliferation of cells, leading to malignant lesions. ② bacterial infection. Bacteria present in the fistula in a long time, especially Pseudomonas aeruginosa or Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection may be lingering unhealed, leading to malignant transformation. ③ drug stimulation. Long-term, heavy use of a variety of local foreign agents, often stimulate the local, leading to malignant transformation.

Anal fistula patients have their own personal experience and suffering. Once the anal fistula formation, very little opportunity for self-healing, fistula complicated after so much trouble with a certain degree of harm.

The first is water pollution pus underwear, after intense activity to promote pus to leak out, often to stimulate the local skin friction, itching, very painful, affecting their work and learn, over time will enable frail wasting, lack of energy, decreased disease resistance, there anemia, seizures also has become increasingly frequent, the formation of reciprocal causation.

In fact, due to repeatedly attack pierced the wall of pus can be spread to form cis-sphincter gap multiple, complex anal fistula, has not only brought difficulties to the treatment, but also affects the normal physiological function of the anus. Multiple anal fistula may form a recto-vaginal fistula, rectal urethral fistula and rectal bladder skin fistula, threatening the surrounding organs. And anal fistula are malignant tendencies. In order to patient's health, promptly to specialist hospital treatment is the most critical and most effective method.

Anal fistula how govern? Hcpt technology used to treat high complex anal fistula counterparts in the use of the main foci incision drainage, make things simple, high anal fistula low governance, as new principles of safe treatment for anal fistula. It is understood that, hcpt technology to small and fast, no pain, treatment, and complete, quick recovery does not affect the work of well known, for hemorrhoids, anal fistula, anal fissure, anal prolapse, perianal abscess and other common and difficult diseases, safe minimally invasive, short-term may be rehabilitation, return to work.

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