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ADHD hazards in what place

Updated: Saturday, Aug 09,2014, 5:08:29 PM
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ADHD hazard mainly in the aspects of its harm, family, school, society and so on.

1, the child's own: impact on children, leading to low grades of children.

The main characteristics of ADHD is attention deficit disorder. And during the period of children with ADHD class people upset, this kind of children learning achievement general bucket is not very good, operation can not be completed on time. This can easily lead to produce weariness from vulgar, children's heart, irritability serious will cause autism, seriously affecting the children grow up, the lead character defects.

2, influence of parent child relationship

Children with ADHD is not only poor academic performance, but also often disturbs the class, weariness, truancy, has often been criticized by the teacher, parents and ashamed and angry, after coming home to the child routine scold, sticks education; some eat tonic, price please tutor, wasting a lot of time and money would be of no avail; some children produce antagonism and hatred sentiment on the parents, or even run away from home, influence of parent child relationship.

3, interference to the school normal teaching order

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder caused by long-term heart depressed easily irritable, aggressive. Performance: fighting, vandalism, theft of property, in the course of time lead to interference from other normal students learning.

4, to the society: social instability factors of

According to the statistics: the case of juvenile delinquency, half diagnosed with adhd. This shows that ADHD children if not treated in time, to the adult as poor self-control, impulsive, love leisure and hate labour, covet enjoyment. This crowd is crime crowd, become one of the social factors of instability.

5, ADHD is one of the most common psychological and behavioral disorders in children, has caused the majority of parents, teachers, medical workers and the extensive concern of the whole society. Suffering from ADHD, especially severe or common diseases of children, if they can not get timely diagnosis and treatment, the disease will gradually increase, will not only affect their study and life, but also to the family, school and society caused great harm, also bring a heavy burden to family and society. 6 ADHD is a chronic course, symptoms continued for many years, even life existence. About 70% of the children the symptoms will continue into adolescence, 30% of the patients symptoms can last a lifetime. What is more, because of neglect of childhood, will lead to problems in adult interactive performance, daily life and interpersonal relationship, so that a lack of self-confidence, frustration, frustration, not bad temper, and even depression. In addition, risk of secondary or comorbid disruptive behavior disorder and emotional disorder also increased, adult substance dependence, risk of antisocial personality disorder and crime may also increase.

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