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ADHD children what should food notice

Updated: Saturday, Aug 09,2014, 5:12:35 PM
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A growing number of studies have demonstrated, unreasonable diet is an important factor leading to the onset of adhd. So, many parents are worried, ADHD children should pay attention to what in the diet? What they should eat, and what they ought not to eat?

Hyperactive children brain and nervous system development depends on a healthy diet. Ensure the hyperactivity child neurodevelopment, to relieve and prevent ADHD can receive a certain effect.


Protein is an important component of nerve cells, and high-quality protein, such as eggs, fish, lean meat, rich in amino acids, can alleviate hyperactivity symptoms. Preschool children should ensure that an egg a day, a bag of 250ml milk, protein 45~60g. School children must ensure at least 300ml 1~2 daily milk, egg, other animal food 100~150g. Hyperactive children should be based on the appropriate increase in protein intake.


Polyunsaturated fatty acids, plays an important role in the development of brain cells. The DHA content was higher in fish, the children often eat fish, help to improve brain function, enhance intelligence.

Vitamin B and lecithin.

Vitamin B in vivo metabolism, is conducive to the brain cells use of sugar. Lecithin is a substance of brain tissue. Is rich in lecithin and vitamin B foods include animal offal and milk, egg, bean products, lean meat, seeds, food fermentation. Nuts, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, nuts, due to the presence of oleate and linoleate, to promote the development of the brain and has a good effect.

Xin Hetie

Zinc deficiency or iron deficiency and not all hyperactive children etiology, but zinc and iron for brain development and maintenance of normal brain function is useful. Zinc and iron deficiency can make reactive nerve medium affected, developmental and behavioral control hinder intelligence. Therefore, rich in iron and zinc are essential elements in hyperactive children food daily. Zinc, daily iron intake should be in 12~18mg. Animal blood, liver, lean meat, beef, dark vegetables contain iron more, and oysters, milk, eggs, peanuts, beans, poultry, chestnuts, walnuts, black sesame, liver zinc more.

Nutrition tips: nutritional supplements should be steady, must not be in order to supplement nutrition and excessive calorie intake, especially nuts, looks like a small, but rich in fat and calories.

Heat sweets should not be, to avoid lead aluminum to do

Now, every kind of snacks, snacks, drinks, their bright colors and lovely appearance to attract the children's attention. However, high sugar diet will cause catecholamine neurotransmitter deficiency, cause children hyperactivity, snacks, such as candy, beverage, cold drink. Heat food, such as some high sugar, high fat cake, chocolate, if the children eat too much, will not consume excess energy seems to be full of go, it is difficult to calm.

Bright food and seasoning some brightly colored toner and stimulate the taste buds of the agent is a key object to note. These additives are hyperactive children influence although not very clear, but also the report says, additives generally contain a methyl salicylic acid substances, is a stimulant increase ADHD symptoms. Some children drink containing soda, pigment many drinks, will be very excited. Visible, hyperactive children in addition to pay attention to eat less sweet, high fat food, but also eat contain artificial coloring, flavoring, preservatives in food, such as beverages, fruit, cake on the red and green piping, jelly, fried potato chips, shrimp and salad dressing.

Causes of food blood lead containing lead, high aluminum is also the cause of some children hyperactivity. In addition to avoid the use of some lead, aluminum utensils, parents give children food packaging food, to prevent the plastic bags on the calligraphy and painting or trademark and food (especially fat foods and acidic foods, such as oil prepared snacks, hawthorn cake etc.) in direct contact. Lead in preserved egg, popcorn, sunflower seeds and other food, Deep-Fried Dough Sticks high aluminium content, children should try to avoid eating. Ethanol can promote the absorption of lead, so alcohol containing beverages, such as beer, champagne, try not to let the children drinking. Vegetables and fruits should be peeled edible, in order to prevent the ingestion of pesticide residues in the lead.

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