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Walking,the world’smost natural exercise

Updated: Monday, Mar 30,2009, 12:35:28 PM
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Walking,the world’smost natural exercise, is one of the best ways to keep healthy. It is less dangerous than running. Walking strengthens muscles without stretching them too much and it puts less pressure on bones and joints.Many people are active in what is called fitness walking .They take short walks a few times each week to improve their health .Fitness walking can be done almost anywhere and anytime No special equipment is needed

The most effective way to walk is the natural way. Keep your head high and your back straight .In fitness walking it is important to remember your foot steps should fall almost in a straight line.Bend your arms at elbows .Let them swing from the shoulders with each step.

 Experts advise drinking a lof of liquids, especially water before and after each walk and also gently stretching the muscles and joints that are most likely to become tense during the exercise.

Walking is good for the health of your body.And studies have provided details about the link between walking and your emotional health.A group of students were asked to describe their feelings of energy and tension before a ten-minute fast walk.When they returned,they felt less tired and more full of energy.This feeling lasted one hour .Even after 2 hours the students felt less tired than they had before the experiment.

Short walks can also help make personal problems seem less serious .One group of subjects described the seriousness of their personal problems such as job worries ,or failing marriage.They went for a ten-minute fast walk .When they came back,they said their problems seemed less threatening.Improvements were not observed everyday,but after 3 weeks,the differences became very clear.

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