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Treating Fatigue

Updated: Thursday, Aug 27,2009, 11:04:49 AM
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Symptoms of fatigue often are caused by more than one problem. Although treating a specific problem, such as anemia, may make you feel better, other things may still need to be done. That is why many different approaches are considered. Treating cancer-related fatigue often involves many health professionals, including doctors, nurses, social workers, physical therapists, nutritionists, and a number of others. Education and counseling are part of the treatment and help the patient learn how to save energy, reduce stress, and use distraction to think about things other than the fatigue.

If the cause of fatigue is known, treatment will be directed to the cause. For example, if anemia is thought to add to symptoms of fatigue, the anemia will be treated. In another patient, treatment may include correcting fluid and mineral imbalances. A program of regular exercise, managing your stress, and learning ways to deal with anxiety and depression seem to have the greatest benefit in managing fatigue. However, treating sleep problems and correcting nutrition problems also seem to decrease fatigue.

Another treatment, called restorative treatment, addresses one specific type of fatigue called attentional fatigue. This fatigue is defined as a decreased ability to concentrate or to focus your attention. Examples of attention-restoring activities include walking on a beach, sitting in a park, gardening, doing volunteer activities not related to the illness, and having quiet time.

Besides,the acupuncture and combined with the chinese herbs is also very effective for treating fatigue.


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