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The First Treasure Jing

Updated: Friday, Mar 27,2009, 3:00:20 PM
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When Jing is strong, vitality and youth remain. Jing strong energy in the kidneys, Chinese for example, lead to a long and lively life, while a loss of Jing results in physical and mental degeneration and a shortening of life. Jing is essential for life and when it runs out of our life force is very less, we lose all power to adapt. The quantity of gas determines our lives and the ultimate vitality of our lives. Jing is burned into the body by life itself, but primarily by the acute and chronic stress and excessive behavior, including overwork, excessive emotionalism, substance abuse, chronic pain or illness, and sexual excess (especially in men). Excessive menstrual patterns, pregnancy and childbirth ca 'lead to a significant drain on the jing of a woman, especially in middle-aged women. When Jing is depleted below a level needed to survive, you die. Finally, everyone runs out of jing and thus everyone dies (at least physically).

Jing is the first treasure and it is translated as "the essence of regeneration," or simply as "gasoline." Jing is the refined energy of the body. It is the foundation of all activities and is known to be the "root" of our vitality. Jing is the primitive life and energy is closely linked to our genetic potential and the aging process. Jing is stored energy and reserves required to adapt to all various stresses encountered in life. Since Jing is concentrated energy, it manifests physically "Jing is also said to control a number of primary functions of the human reproductive organs and various substances and their functions, power and clarity of mind and integrity of its physical structure. Jing, which is a mixture of yin and yang energy, is said to be stored in the kidneys. Jing is generally associated these days with the hormones of the reproductive and adrenal glands, and Jing is the vital essence concentrated in sperm and ova.

There are tonic herbal fortify that jing, jing past that override and that the construction of large reserves for future use.

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