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Prostate Cancer Diagnostic Methods

Updated: Monday, Sep 28,2009, 3:38:04 PM
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Proof of prostate specific antigen test for monitoring prostate specific antigen in the blood. Abnormally high levels of LNG in this context, the seed, in the blood indicates a problem with the prostate (which may or may not) cancer.

Trans rectal ultrasound uses a probe through the rectum sends sound waves to capture images of the prostate inserted. You can then visually examined for abnormalities.

Prostate biopsy, the definitive confirmation of prostate cancer is by biopsy of the prostate tissue. This allows doctors to get an idea of how far and aggressive cancer.

Determining the extent, if detected prostate cancer, doctors, whether it has spread rate. A bone scan is used to determine if cancer has spread to bone, and ultrasound, CT and MRI can be used to detect cancer elsewhere. If you look at the lymph nodes, may be useful.

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