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Major Life Force in Our Bodies

Updated: Sunday, May 16,2010, 9:19:57 PM
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Ancient Oriental doctors believe that as a microcosm of the universe surrounded by their people. They thought of as part of a whole a complete themselves, so that, at a single relationship, not continuous.

Grew up thinking of Oriental medicine and human well-being of the body mind spirit natural relationship. Therefore, the examination system, the Oriental medical diagnosis and treatment is based on the natural process. The concept of human health, and then follow the law, in the life of the energy flow (gas) the intrinsic nature of the inherent.

Human existence, in fact, all nature, is based on the pool (Banner) dependency. It is the only planet by the intellectual movement, wind, elements exist. It is only by the wisdom of human life and breathing. When the pool is mobile, the process of all life, to the rhythm and the way in harmony. Chi energy is an important force in the lives of all, the Road is the path and methods to maintain the pool of pure energy.

Watched the universe, the ancient source of energy can be seen in a dual way, a brother and sister team known as yin or yang. In fact the two are one of a pair of forces, but may at some time more or less obvious. For example, when night falls to us, we will not encounter this time of the day, but that day appears in the night. We tend to think the opposite of any one or existing, rather than the same aspect of performance is the default at some point more than the other. Yin and Yang is not a dialectical confrontation of friction, it is the continuous movement of two Chi energy balance and harmony in the interaction of the round's uniform.

Like Yin and Yang, Five Elements Chi energy is to further explain, as it ranges through its periodic. Everything in life is to mix these elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. All the cosmic phenomena, including yin and yang through its causes and nature of disease is the use of food and herbs can be explained energy.

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