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Instances the diagnosis of bronchial asthma

Updated: Saturday, Dec 10,2011, 2:43:57 PM
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 Intermittent cough and asthma for half a year.

History of Present Illness: Half a year ago, the patient got cough and asthma due to a cold. At that time, he was treated in hospital, the symptom was greatly relieved. However, he had gotten  frequent  cough   since  then,  furthermore,  it  was accompanied by less yellowish sticky sputum. When he coughed severely,  asthma  would  be  induced,  which  was  usually accompanied with  chest  oppression; sometimes  a  persistent asthma would result in dizziness and purplish lips. Then he was sent to the local hospital for treatment again. Through some medical examination, it was diagnosed as "Bronchial Asthma, "he was treated with some antiasthmatic and antibiotic drugs. Under the treatment in the hospital, his symptom could be relieved effectively. But there would be recurrence as soon as he left the hospital. Then his parent had to send him to the hospital again. In the past 6 months, the repeated asthma obliged his parent to send him to hospital for treatment 8 times totally, it made his parent  exhausted  to  the  extreme. Then  a  relative  lived  in JiangYin invited them to come to JiangYin and introduced them to me for treatment on August 6,19.99. After the illness came on, the patient got excessive night sweat, poor appetite and bad sleeping, while his defecation and urination were all normal. There was not other complaint.

Physical Examination:  The patient was conscious with a normal general condition. The pulse was thready, floating and rapid, the tongue was red with a thin layer of white fur. The mucous  membrane  of  the  pharyngeal  wall  was  slightly congestive. Both tonsils were swelling I°. The respiratory sounds were harsh. Some bubbling sounds could be heard occasionally. Some wheezing sounds could be heard at the end of inspiration. HR was 88 beats/min. The cardiac rhythm was regular. There were not systolic murmur and diastolic murmur. There was not other abnormal sign.

Diagnosis: Bronchial Asthma.

Differentiation: This disease, in TCM, belongs to the category of "ChuanZheng" (asthma). It was caused by accumulation of heat evil in the lungs and deficiency of spleen and kidney. Primarily, this illness was caused by the attack of exogenous Wind-heat. Because the wind-heat hadn't been removed effect-tively, it got into the lungs and caused sthenic heat-syndrome of lung. Therefore, the  initial  qi  was  prevented  from  flowing smoothly and normally. As a result of it, there were cough and asthma. When it occurred slightly, the patient merely coughed; when it occurred severely, the patient then gasped. Additionally, the repeated cough and asthma caused the functional activities of qi became disorderly, then there was deficiency of the middle-Jiao qi, which directly resulted in anorexia. At last, as a result of a long term of cough and asthma, the illness of mother-organ would involve its child-organ, then kidney-qi was extra consumed and there was a failure of kidney to take charge of reception of air. So that the illness became persistent and couldn't be cured easily.

Therapeutic Principle: Clearing away heat evil and cooling the lung, regulating qi and eliminating phlegm evil, invigorating spleen qi and activating the middle-Jiao qi, restraining the extra consuming of kidney-qi.

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