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Hydro-Acupuncture Manipulation

Updated: Wednesday, Mar 25,2009, 10:31:01 AM
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 In the treatment, select the night syringe and syringe needle, draw the injection into the syringe, disinfect the locations to be injected on the patient who is on an appropriate position for the injection. Puncture rapidly the syringe held with the right hand into the point (or the reactionary mass), then the needle is gradually inserted deeper, after the needling sensation occurs, withdraw the handle of the syringe a little bit to see whether blood is withdrawn into to the tube or not, if not inject the solution into the point. In general, moderate speed of injection is adopted. For acute and excessive heat syndromes rapid injection is indicated and for chronic and deficient syndromes, the injection should be slow. In case a big amount of solution is injected, it should be injected into the point in a few steps, from the deep to the superficial, or the syringe needle can be inserted in a few directions from the punctured point to inject the solution.

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