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Gout can cause diarrhea?

Updated: Wednesday, Apr 22,2009, 10:53:49 AM
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Statistics show that about 5% to 20% of chronic gout patients often suffered from diarrhea. Possible causes include metabolic disorders after the reduction of pancreatic secretion of digestive enzymes, excessive antacid use of magnesium, the excess of bacteria within the digestive tract (under normal circumstances is not), etc., although the interpretation of many, but the exact reason remains unclear. It was also suggested that gout is due to regulation and control of diarrhea intestinal peristalsis caused by nerve damage, so the treatment of diarrhea or to get an idea doctor. Because of the different measures taken by the situation is different. For example, if the diarrhea is due to digestive enzymes caused by too little, just in time for dinner to take enzyme tablets will be able to solve the problem. If unexplained diarrhea is still some way can be used, such as increased hardness and stool, such as reducing the incidence of intestinal peristalsis. In short, regardless of the reasons leading to diarrhea what should take the problem seriously, it is worth to spend some time to do some checking, because it is easier to cure the diarrhea.

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