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Electro-Acupuncture The Actions of Electro-Pulse

Updated: Wednesday, Mar 25,2009, 10:36:22 AM
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The Actions of Electro-Pulse.    
 The low frequency pulsation of the stimulator would stimulate the point via the inserted filiform needle so as to affect the physiological function of the body, relieve the muscular spasm and pain, induce sedation and promote the blood circulation. As the pulsation varies in frequency and wave pattern, the actions of the pulses may be different. The high frequency pulse 50-100/sec is known as dense wave, the low frequency pulse 2-5/sec termed as rarefaction wave.

Dense Wave
It may induce an inhibitory effect on the sensory nerve and motor nerve, commonly used for sedation and pain relief, relaxation of muscles and vessels spasm, acupuncture analgesia, etc.

Rarefaction Wave
It provides stronger stimulation to the points via the needles, thus causing contraction of muscle and the increment of the tension of muscles and ligaments. It induces a retarded inhibitory effect on the sensory and motor nerves. This kind of wave pattern is suitable for paralysis, injury of muscles, joints, ligaments, and muscular tendons, etc.

Rarefaction-Dense Wave
It provides an alternation of rarefaction wave and dense wave, each wave lasting for one and a half second. This pattern has the advantage of avoiding sensory adaptation to the electro-stimulation which may occur in the treatment with single wave pattern, being good for the promotion of metabolism and the flow of Qi and blood, improving the nutrition of tissues and relieving the inflammatory edema. It is commonly used for pain, sprain and contusion, peripheral arthritis, disturbance of Qi and blood circulation, sciatica, facial paralysis, myasthenia, local frozen bite.

Intermittent Wave
A regular intermittent rarefaction wave, it is an alternation of one and a half second stimulation in rarefaction wave and one and a half second on stimulation. This kind of wave may increase the excitability of muscular tissue and have a fine stimulative and contractive effect on the striated muscle. It is commonly used for muscular weakness and atrophy, paralysis, etc.

Sawtooth Wave
It is a kind of fluctation wave in sawtooth form, the frequency ranging from 16-25/min which is close to human's respiration, therefore also known as respiratory wave. It is used for stimulating the phrenic nerve, (Tianding LI 17) artificial electric breathing and respiratory failure. It also has the actions of raising the excitability of nerves and muscles, regulating the meridians and collaterals, improving the flow of Qi and blood.

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