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Diarrhea and fever patients should not eat eggs

Updated: Wednesday, Apr 22,2009, 12:29:38 PM
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Patients with diarrhea as a result of the body to reduce the secretion of digestive juice, digestive enzyme activities decreased body fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism disorders, intestinal peristalsis hyperthyroidism and inherent function of the affected food assimilation, the small intestine for water and nutrients re-absorption function of the obstacles, large amount of nutrients excreted by the digestive tract. During this period, not only would not serve any purpose to eat eggs, the role of nourishing the body, but will lead to further aggravate their condition. Therefore, in diarrhea, the patient is unfit for human consumption of eggs.


 Egg contains egg protein and egg globulin, is a full protein, 99.7% can be absorbed by the body. After eating can produce "extra" calories, such "extra" calories can be as high as 30%. Fever patients (especially children) to eat eggs, can increase the body heat, heat can not be distributed, as "add fuel to the fire" burned even worse. Therefore, patients with fever should not eat eggs.

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