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Chinese medicine practitioners in mind the growth of a private road

Updated: Saturday, Mar 28,2009, 2:05:05 PM
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When today's world view, Western medicine dominating the world, with Western medicine professionals easy cloning advantage to reproduce, and from education, scientific research, further monopoly, even in the examination of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine research and development are unwarranted interference in Chinese medicine will be much destruction trend!

Poor Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine to the seeds that can be passed down to the site to expand Chinese medicine, in order to rise to the status of Chinese medicine to that of a traditional culture and expressed his desire for, in the cracks in Jiaozhaoya supported! Despite the sweat and effort to drop by drop-in.

Why so difficult for the survival of Chinese medicine? Apart from Western oppression, in addition to the eccentric policy, in addition to the failure of traditional Chinese medicine education, in addition to traditional culture inherited fault caused difficulties, there is a reason not to be ignored is the economic development of a modern and civilized way of life like sea, the traditional surrounded in a Chinese traditional culture on the island - Chinese Chien, would be the post-mortem, inexpensive Chinese medicine led to its own economic recession, especially the small Chinese medicine has just come out to, in order to survive, had to chew on the side of the four classics, and while practicing venipuncture - therefore, did not consolidate the theory of Chinese medicine theory of interference by Western medicine, Chinese medicine practitioners do not have the reputation of being covered up to the reputation of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine (because this way, they used Western medicine western medicine treatment of patients may be far more than pure Chinese medicine treatment with the patient!) - so a future Chinese medicine has also been eliminated so! ! ! !

I see this is the fact that is not alarmist!

But I Fortunately, I was able to bypass that was to surround and annihilate the road, enjoying a relaxed, happy Chinese life. However, I can follow the example of the way, can be replicated?

I do not know.

But I was willing to say a few words to you my story, if you do not hate Read it:

I was the victim of 1990's college entrance examination system, the college entrance examination Labang 87 after two months of summer vacation, from suffering, I think that is the whole White Eyes, are anxious to find hole life. Just that, we County Bureau of Education (BoE is not that time) recruited several secondary language teacher, I count the number of spitting anger, of  first, was assigned to a junior middle schools when the language teachers and teacher.

My teaching is a performance, compared with the parallel classes, we test studies classes in a high rate 30 percentage points, the language Billing Division average high 18 points. However, I receive 49.5 yuan per month, other teachers receive more than 300 yuan, the reason is that I am a small mother custody.

My work is very good, we wind classes lively and tense classes, the students are very interested in learning, and basically no weariness of the students, teacher-student relationship is good as you, unlike some classes, such as the struggle between the teachers and students, Weary , a high proportion of students playing truant. However, in the teachers meeting, I did not get the recognition, what is the problem with the school, look when I contacted the Federation. The reason is that because I am a small mother custody.

Finally, I gave up, although I do not hate the work of teachers, and even can be said to have certain feelings, but I gave up and left --

91 autumn, I invited a friend to their production, deputy director of the plant - is the sea!

Anzi was just formed, very difficult, I receive 200 yuan, the administration of a 700-strong labor-intensive enterprises and the day-to-day production activities under the 17 small processing factory production and product quality gatekeeper.

But that is then, I had a strong Chinese interest - for a pure chance, I went to a very remote mountain village to the job, to know an old Chinese medicine, his granddaughter is my workers old Chinese lend me a set of "doctors in the Kam", I have read two months after happen to the factory workers suffering from a collapsing Lu, factory medical Jiuzhi invalid, I leave to the workers, I am informed, and distinguish the blood Hot Wang Xing, she opened three posts Huanglianjiedu soup, such as Fu Xiao drum Unexpectedly, all of a sudden let me spell of the Chinese. Thus, as long as the time, I immersed in "doctors in the Kam" Lane.

At that time, I thin, weight has never been more than 45 kilograms!

I should have the results - we factory production, supply, and marketing has never produced any big problems, the wages of workers every year high (although it is not too high, an average of about 500 yuan bar, But then the poor in Anhui province, should be considered good), and the number of workers also increased.

I should also study the achievements of the small, factory workers often find me a doctor prescribing, and most of them are very effective.

However, I am very pleased at the time (because the director asked me to join when the verbal promise of a promise: all the better, I would not be ill-treated you! Dared to offend you because we are friends?), Yan Zi suddenly declared bankrupt! I kept for a long time to make it clear that the original, as director of accounting home tower skyward, the factory has no working capital for a long time!

I left again, I do not hate the left, and even can be said to have a certain feeling of the work! Of course, my pockets are empty, the family was still living in the small cottage! Director of a friend who, for a long time I did not! Until now, I realize that he has become a legal workers! -- You said not funny funny!

At the end of 1996, I left the factory, back home, think Jiatusibi, penniless, I do not know what to do even 1:00. Fortunately, 34 "in the medical Kam" Let me learn a little at the end, therefore, in the absence of any discussion with the circumstances, I opened a Chinese medicine clinics.

Huangtian paid off, opening the first month, I take stock of inventory, it earned more than 600 yuan! This is me on the society received the highest wage ah! Very exciting ah!

In this way, I clinics operated for nearly six months! Basically, I repaid the loan when it opened for business.

However, the good time! That day, I received my notice to the township hospitals, saying that it is illegal to practise at home that I, special notice to the hospital I accept punishment! Within less than two days, came to law enforcement immediately!

Fuck! I know what to practise Rush! I dare where less than two days, ah! I rushed to hospitals on the same day - do? Mitigation!

But the president, but I see the lifetime of the most principles of the official, saying that I do not agree to continue to operate truth Yibai, Gongshigongban which, I called the next day will be automatically sent to all hospitals sealed Drugs ( In fact, the confiscation), otherwise, in addition to confiscation, but also fine!

  I Gue! How do I! Is so, I have to dream of the Chinese wake up?

Days were absolutely no way, up to now, it is the plot of the movie ah - It was at that time, taking a familiar presence has been involved. This person come in, in calling for the president's uncle at the same time I had discovered that the sound of old classmates, how to you! -------- I know, the savior coming! My high school students (or very good students) is that he (that the President) nephew!

  A week later, I own all the drugs sent the hospital, but is no longer confiscated, but buy! I also became one of the hospitals! However, into the hospital I was sitting there is no arrangement for Chinese medicine, but rushed to a city hospital medical radiation technology education.

-- After a long time, and I know that hospitals simply do not have the power of drugs confiscated, I also do not have the power in the absence of the county health department notified the law enforcement situation for me! At that time a license is that I practice, there is a lot of patients, the hospital block to interfere with our way of getting money, because then we basically Health Management here is a blank page, there are still a license to practise. Chengsi only the brave, scared to death timid!

September 13, 1997, I formally returned to hospital work and become a radiology doctor.

During this period, I have gradually come to know the relevant laws and regulations of the health sector, to become aware of a formal Chinese still a corresponding qualifications, the corresponding qualifications. Therefore, in 1998 I started to embark on the road of Chinese self-examination. 2001, the smooth received Anhui College of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued, the state recognition of qualifications in the diploma

In 2002, the use of diploma sit through practising physician assistants. The same year, I took the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Chinese Distance Education in upgraded stage study. 2004 sit through practising physicians. In 2005, the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine scored undergraduate diploma.

During this period, there was talk about two things:

2002, I got diploma through practising physician assistant exam, and registered in accordance with the law, I ask sit out-patient Chinese medicine, the hospital did not agree on the grounds that I was sitting out-patient Chinese medicine far behind the benefits of stem radiology physicians to much. I only agreed to do in the spare time of radiotherapy treatment.

Chinese medicine to the cause, but identified. However, the intolerable is that Chinese medicine has room only Moshi herbs, and, often rotten perishable more. As for the liquorice, rhubarb, Astragalus, and so can only be Banxia Health, the system must find (Sunburn). Aconite, Wu only two ingredients may be system, never Yousheng - in the pharmacy, "ancestral replacement in the post in the system for workers," who have worked maybe catch up with my age, NB a mile, you be sure not to mention what he views!

The second thing is, I self-study Chinese medicine, Western medicine but which very unfamiliar, although for the exams, have been eating physiology, pathology, pharmacology, biochemistry, diagnosis and science, but it is, after all, in order to meet the examination ah , and those who care less about ah, moreover, the West did not go to the hospital interns have ah. However, we have Mangdehen that small hospitals which, sometimes, even if not BUSY daytime, evening, Manga (some patients in rural areas during the day to work, sick Renzhao, by the evening, could not, to Emergency!), however, small hospitals ah, all persons together Xianduo it to No. 10, the evening shift is that we can not shirk the task of you. You just think, this is not rush ducks shelves ah, not on duty at the pharmacy, only the West can take drugs to pharmacies, you give way to use Western medicine treatment ah, but not having managed to hold out a must, which is playing things ! Once an accident occurs, the above sentence: you are not Chinese?, Who gave you the scope of the practice of super-powers! It is our responsibility to a few hundred a month sooner had the back!

Not! I must go!

Although this time, I had already been stewing in the hospital for eight years, wages Getting 1,000 yuan / month, up fraternal units also quite good, but I still have to go! Do not go, I will always be a radiological physicians, can never become a true Chinese medicine, clinical level will never be able to improve. Can only be a final Sibuxiang: that it is the Chinese, not the number of patients, said that Western medicine it is not legally registered, the doctors said it is radioactive, only to education for a year, what qualifications are not.

2005, I graduated from the north end of the examination of Chinese medicine, the school asked us to leave internship opportunity, and I left the hospital, and the adoption of certain relations, the internship has become a training - I went to a certain place in Jiangsu Province, a Comparison of the famous Chinese medicine hospitals, learning Chinese medicine, the time 2001.

2006, it is now, officially registered my own business at home, and became a Chinese official, a pure Chinese medicine, and I can concentrate on the studies to the use of the theory to guide my practice, I can be enough - I need any medicine, Western medicine, I do not have the skills to the 250 victims, and nothing to do when I can chew on my four classics, I can study the basis of the four can be on "civil TCM net "that the real destination of the Chinese study, QQ, in the teachings of those who have just graduated from the School of Chinese medicine of small Chinese netizens, but in my current level and reputation, I do not have many patients, the time to read absolutely every day more than a doctor's time, I do want to charge people, it is very good!

Reads now, friends will be carefully raised a mystery: you just made is not to say that doctors often Jiatusibi it does not mean that work in the hospital a few hundred yuan a month it will not say that you are not the patient is not there? is not to say that the characteristics of Chinese medicine, there is a "cheaper" word?, also referred to the very beginning of modern civilization is not the way of life stifle an economic recession in the survival of the Chinese? Labang College Entrance Examination from 87 to 2006, after nearly 20 years, would not get married, no children will not? Your income to allow you to "simply too good?"? !

Doukai not to this burden, the article is not complete, not before echoing ah, but also not fully subject of a prominent article, ah! You patience, please listen to me, to:

2002, I am not registered for the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute of Distance Education upgraded academic education? However, the use of computers in the network class. To this end, I had a bite Teether configuration computers, and Internet applications for a monthly subscription. In the network in the learning process, it is inevitable various Web browser. By chance, that can be used for the rest of the time to network for business, I did not expect to actually bring the good economic benefits. (I do not think that this is what advertising is not the case, I absolutely will not be easy.) Now, my house more than 300 square feet, small Western-style. building, the bar; daughter into the high school, I read and the aristocratic schools can be too; I do not seek food and clothing senior, professional books worth about 20,000 yuan, the Taiwan computer except for the current year, an allocation of the Sharp notebook can be!

The other can not say now, I see three to five patients a day, carefully, a conscientious and responsible, the rest of the time is reading, the Internet, people look, I clinic returning to shop, and I are very satisfied with the -- I do not have a Western medicine, a bottle of Cars do not fight, willing to eat Chinese medicine came to me, I play good, and the Chinese do not want to eat, I do not want to disturb him, I read? Completely without problems to the seller in order to survive Georgia (I think that as a Chinese, in order to more money left surrender of Western medicine, deceiving patients, is the seller segments). As for the drugs, encountered money, or more than one point (at least in the course), no money, or less, to make it clear that different patients, seeking his gratitude, but I believe we can be grateful to him TCM.

Ah, the end of the article is entirely my own experience, say, the only hope that the world can all Chinese medicine every day for good luck, as I like - easy, happy Chinese!

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