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Aged Care Mistakes

Updated: Thursday, Apr 16,2009, 6:51:15 PM
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A misunderstanding: over-reliance on drugs after the illness


 Many elderly people think the disease can be cured, is the role of drugs. In fact, the drug is a human disease-fighting weapons, to expel diseases, mainly by the body's own immune system, drugs only as a reinforcement role. Therefore, it should not use the elderly, in order to avoid drug resistance, to the real needs of the time, but since the emergence of drug resistance to lose their anti-inflammatory proper sterilization.


 Misunderstanding 2: the elderly should not be advised to fill diarrhea


 Is generally believed that many elderly people is true, should be tonic, not knowing improper aging tonic for the body the same as "worse." For example, the iron content in the human brain can be increased with age, the elderly only in iron deficiency anemia when the need to add iron, under the guidance of a doctor. When those fill up, when the watery diarrhea are Equal emphasis should be placed.


 Misunderstanding three: sound useful tonic medicine


 Many elderly people, especially some of the enjoyment of publicly-funded post-retirement health care of elderly people go to the hospital, doctors often require drugs eat nutritional tonic, tonic medicine that can all be fit and healthy, eat good sound. In fact, many elderly people's illness is not all the "Deficiency", if the abuse of tonic, it can cause metabolic disorders, resulting in various diseases. Nutrition such as vitamins as a large number of long-term use of drugs, but lead to a variety of toxic reactions. High blood pressure and high blood viscosity of the elderly, long-term use of ginseng, deer horn and supplements, such as would be caused by high blood pressure, and even nosebleeds and so on, this is tantamount to adding fuel to the flames, siding with the bully. Therefore "is a two-thirds of toxic drugs, drugs make up less food supplement" the basic principle is the tonic.


 Misunderstanding Four: pain do not itch no disease


 Old age is not sensitive to changes in the body, sometimes even if they are ill and no discomfort (pain itch) feeling, often because of a delay in diagnosis and treatment be taken lightly. Thus regular medical examinations to detect signs of disease can not be ignored is the old age health problems.


 Misunderstanding Five: eat, sleep good physical


 Eat, sleep is the performance of health, sometimes it is the response of the disease. Some patients did not affect appetite and sleep, but also so that food intake increased, the phenomenon of sleep time, such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes, obesity, such as is the case.


 Misunderstanding Six: good physical health is


 World Health Organization defines health as: "physical, psychological and social adjustment in good condition." That the physical absence of disease, therefore, is not necessarily healthy, elderly health care should pay attention to mental health and social emphasis on adaptability.


 Misunderstanding 7: Sport, the better


 "Life is movement", which many older people mistakenly believe that the better campaign. In fact, the elderly have been physiological aging, degradation, excessive or excessive movement of the elderly is not a good thing.


 It should be said that a quarter of animals and six quiet, healthy and beneficial for the elderly.


 Eight errors: the more light the better diet


 Life, some elderly people to simply light a vegetarian diet, in fact, this is go to the extreme, many elderly vegetarians often thin or puffiness, and accompanied by generalized weakness, limb pain, depression and other symptoms, go to hospital for treatment and investigation not see any major diseases, this is in fact caused by malnutrition. Nutrition experts advise elderly friends, should be meat and vegetarian diet with no emphasis on meat is not biased in favor of the Su-. Eat everything that is the best state of the body balance.

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