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prolonging life and Sexual life

Updated: Thursday, Mar 25,2010, 9:38:48 AM
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   Compared with ascetics and people indulging in sensual pleasures, those with normal reproductive activities have marked enhancement of vital activities and obvious extension of life time. However, "Taking food and having sexual life are the human instinct." Sexual life is the human instinct for reproduction while asceticism inhibits this instinct. Nevertheless, indulgence in sensual pleasures may overconsume vital substances. Therefore, both asceticism and indulgence in sensual pleasures go against the basic requirements of health and longevity.

    Sexual function is the human instinct. Only by bringing the instinct into full play can the biological mechanism of mutual causality "between matter and function", which the human body should abide by, achieve balance. On the contrary, failure to bring the functions of genitals into play may result in the disuse of the organs, and cause the disturbances of certain links of the closely-related functions of the organism. As a result, disturbances of vital activities will occur.


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