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male have penis curved

Updated: Thursday, Feb 25,2010, 1:20:44 PM
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7% -8% of the male penis and male urological diseases more or less curved. Of which 1% is a serious need for surgery. Is often an important reason for wearing underwear curve caused by the long-term one of the male penis.

Always wear underwear, especially the tight-fitting jeans in the narrow environment of the penis for a long time. Young men often have independent or law telotism, narrow-minded environment, will limit the normal state and penile erection easily oppressed, resulting in asymmetric sponge-like organizations, and induction bending.

Incorrect positions for sexual intercourse penis will curve. The most common situation is that improper posture, too intense, burnout men and women in love, business interruption or severely bent penis. Especially when the body posture is higher in women than men below, if women quickly upward and downward, may be the vagina and the penis is not targeted at this time, female body weight of a sudden the penis actions, it is easy to sponge off. Even if the sponge has never stopped once, the cumulative small-strain curves of the penis will continue.

Sometimes, some patients who are chronic penile curvature is often not clearly remember the event of an accident, it is difficult in the symptomatic treatment.

In order to avoid accidents, men should wear loose pants and underwear off, or flat angles briefs on key parts of spacious as possible. Therefore, the penis and testicles can be relaxed, comfortable environment, can be ventilated. If there are no conditions, men can sleep naked. Should regularly communicate with close friends, in order to reduce losses, the probability of love penis. If penile curvature serious, should be regarded as active.

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