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What are the treatment of cervical herniated disc way

Updated: Sunday, Mar 23,2014, 8:41:02 PM
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cervical herniated disc is a common disease , prolonged sitting can cause the disease , then the treatment of cervical herniated disc what ways?

1 , traction

Or by the body's own gravity plus the gap widened between the spinal vertebrae , herniated nucleus pulposus through recovery , return to normal vertebral arranged so ligamentous laxity , reduce the spine, spinal nerve root compression and irritation for therapeutic purposes.

Cervical traction therapy for cervical disease is more effective and widely used method of treatment . This treatment applies to all types of cervical disease, the early cases more effective. For longer- term spinal cervical disc disease carotid traction, and sometimes can aggravate the symptoms , it is rarely used.

2 , acupuncture treatment

Through acupuncture points to the role of medicinal , pain qi . Treatment of cervical disc can be achieved significant efficacy, but the device is simple , easy and relatively safe.

3 , physical therapy

Through a variety of physical factors , such as magnetic, electric , mud , paraffin and other effects on the human body. Physical therapy operation more convenient, mild symptoms in patients with cervical disc can be applied at home .

4 , massage, massage

Massage , massage therapy for cervical disease is a more effective treatment . Can clear the context , pain ended Ma ; widen the intervertebral space , expanding the intervertebral foramen , the entire complex spondylolisthesis , lifting nerve compression ; release the nerve root and soft tissue adhesions, relieve symptoms ; relieve muscle tension and restore cervical spine ; paralyzed limbs massage can relieve muscle atrophy and prevent joint stiffness and joint deformity. The effect of massage techniques have a great relationship with , for safety and efficacy is best to go to a regular hospital visits by Moke .

5 , medication

Antipyretic analgesics ; vasodilator drugs ; antispasmodic drugs ; nutrition and regulating the nervous system drugs , and some scattered wind and dampness , promoting blood circulation drugs.

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