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The best eye health food

Updated: Sunday, Aug 08,2010, 5:19:05 PM
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Now introduce the diet for prevention and treatment of the eye diseases, domestic production and ways for readers to choose.

Chrysanthemum eyesight porridge

Chrysanthemum 20 grams, 60 grams of japonica rice, dried or dried chrysanthemum after back-milling, with the japonica and Zhucheng Yu, Zhu Zhi thick porridge to be when they join the Chrysanthemum amount of powder and rock candy flavor to food. Sooner or later, the first day, better food in the summer. This hot winds have scattered, Liver-ching, blood transfer, the beauty of the effectiveness of eyesight. Liver apply to more of myopia and Sheng Mu Chi pain.

Pork liver with medlar Boil

100 grams of pig liver, 30 g medlar, the first pig liver slices with Mainz amount of powder and mix well with the Chinese medlar Ruguo water suitable for human consumption soup seasoning. This is an ancient therapeutic treatment of night blindness side, liver and wolfberry are rich in vitamin A source, and the eyes of conservation certainly play a positive role.

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