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Taboos acts on sexual life

Updated: Thursday, Mar 25,2010, 9:42:49 AM
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 Sexual activities after drinking wine
    Wine is very hot in nature. It can scorchingly consume essence, blood, fat and marrow of the human body. Besides, it can arouse sexual desire and promote hyper-sexuality as well. Both "wine" and "sex" consume essence and blood in the same way as a leaking pot with soup is subject to strong fire. This inevitably affects life span and is the root cause of premature ageing. It is true of men and not exceptional to women, either.

 Forceful sexual intercourse
     This refers to frequent intercourse, sexual overstrain, profuse sweat, etc. which should be avoided.

 Sexual intercourse during the menstrual period
    During the menstrual period, the ostium of uterus opens, endometria come off, blood vessels rupture and body resistance declines. At this time, sexual intercourse is extremely susceptible to infection, irregular menstruation, metrorrhagia, metrostaxis, leukorrhea, sterility, and accumulation of abdominal masses (including malignant tumor of reproductive system), etc.

 Holding urine during sexual activities
     Holding urine mainly harms defecation, urination, anterior and posterior genitals. Because retention of urine in urinary bladder makes qi activities of lower energizer obstructed due to sexual intercourse. At this time, sexual activities make meridians obstructed, blood and qi stagnated, with clinical manifestations of difficult urination and defecation, astringing or stabbing pain, swelling and hard underbelly, etc.

 Using drugs to stir up sexual urge
    There are many agents for enhancing sexual urge or sexual power with quick effects in traditional Chinese drugs and western agents. But these tonics are only applicable to people with yang deficiency, hypofunctions and no severe deficiency of renal essence to remedy defects and balance yin and yang. Moreover, these tonics can be used only momentarily and protracted administration is not advisable. If used as the stimulants for sexual passion, these drugs may harm life and bring about premature death.

 Sexual intercourse during puerperia
    A puerperal woman has not restored her qi and blood, and the ostium of uterus still opens. In this case, sexual coitus may impair meridians, consume essence and blood, bring in pathogenic substances and cause various gynecological diseases. On account of the serious consequences of sexual intercourse during puerperia, the Chinese ancients fixed the date for assuming sexual life after delivery as "One hundred days after the birth, people can assume sexual life."

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