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Six practical common remedies to treat black eye

Updated: Thursday, Feb 27,2014, 8:24:09 PM
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Many young friends are annoyed by black eye. Then what should we do to solve these problems? If it appears for a short time, it will be OK, while if it occurs for a long time, it should be noticed. Are there any convenient and feasible ways to eliminate black eye? Right here we would like to share some effective remedies to cope with this problem.

1, Twirl egg and silver rings on the eyes


Cook an egg to well done and then shell it. Cover it and a silver ring in a towel. Twirling the egg around the eyes for 10 times per side with your eyes closed. 


Note: the heat and massage could enhance the blood circulation of the eyes. Besides, the egg and the silver ring have the function of dissipating blood stasis.


2, Apply the residue of water-chestnut and lotus root to the eyes


Clean the water-chestnut and lotus root, scrap the water-chestnut and then mince up them. Put the ingredient into the juicer and add two glasses of water and stir the mixture. Filter out the residue and cover it on the eyes for 10 minutes. In addition, you can drink the juice to achieve double efficacies. It will be better if it is applied before sleeping, as it could reduce the occurrence of black eye. For the lotus root and the water-chestnut with bulgy body and shiny skin are well to choose.


Note: the lotus root and the water-chestnut is rich in starchiness, irony and protein, and the elements have the function of regulating the blood and removing the blood stasis.


3, Apply potato slices onto the eyes


Peel the potato, clean them and then slice the potato into about 2cm slices. You should take the prone position and apply the potato slice on the eyes for about 5 minutes and then wash away. Tips: Applying it at night would be helpful to eliminate eyestrain. It is better to choose the big one as it can cover larger area on your eyes. And the ones with sprout are forbidden to use as it is toxic.


Note: The starchiness in the potato could be supplied to the eyes.


4,  Apply the apple to the eyes


Slice the apple. Apply it to the position under the eyes with your eyes closed and keep it for 15 minutes. Moistening the cotton sponge and then use it to daub the eyes slightly.


Tips: if you don't want the apple slices being oxidized, you can immerse them into the salt water. You can also use the apple produced in the greenhouse.


5,  Apply the persimmon to the eyes


Hemisect the persimmon. Scoop out the fresh of the persimmon and mash the fresh. Apply it to the eyes for 10 minutes and wipe it out with a wet towel.

Tips: it is better to apply the mash in the morning or at night respectively. And the ripe persimmon is a better choice. Persimmon is rich in Vitamin C, which has the function of enhancing the ability of skin rejuvenation.


6,  Bee pollen and Royal jelly


Take out one teaspoon bee pollen and flower spoon of Royal jelly. Mix them together and then daub it on the part which has black eye. Wash it away after 1 hour. Apply it once a day and it will relieve in a week.


Note: the Royal jelly is rich in amino acid which has the function of whitening and the effect of promoting metabolism. 

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