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Regulating the daily life in Winter

Updated: Thursday, Jan 31,2013, 8:03:27 PM
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In winter, going to bed early is advisable to nourish the human yangqi while getting up late is suitable for protecting yin and essence. This is because that retiring to bed early and rising late can help yangqi descend and conceal, yin and essence accumulate so as to maintain the balance of yin and yang of the human body. Do not work until the sun rises; avoid cold and approach heat to prevent external cold from impairing yang. In addition, adopt the heating devices to maintain a proper room temperature. Very low room temperature may impair human yangqi and make people subject to common cold; very high room temperature makes the skin striae open, yangqi unable to conceal, but pathogenic cold easily invade the body, giving rise to affection by exopathogen and other diseases.

In terms of clothing, wear more or less clothes constantly as the climate changes. The cotton fabrics are the best for tailoring the underwear because they are soft, comfortable and good in heat preservation; the outer clothing should be slightly larger. Excessively thin clothing may easily impair yang, make people susceptible to common cold or numbness and pain of the waist and legs; excessively thick clothing may stir yangqi to affect its concealment. The shoes and socks should be a little larger so as to keep qi flow free and harmonious, limbs comfortable and warm. The hands and feet are liable to chilblain, so particularly in need of heat preservation.

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