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Psoriasis Treatment Overview

Updated: Saturday, Sep 18,2010, 6:02:38 PM
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Treatment Overview

There is no cure for psoriasis. However, the treatment of many types available, including applied to the skin, light therapy products, oral drugs, which can help control psoriasis. Most cases are mild, can be treated with skin products. In some cases, psoriasis can be tricky, if a serious and widespread. Most psoriasis returns, even mild forms.

Treatment aims to slow down skin cells, resulting in psoriasis, reduce the inflammation rapidly. Based on the treatment of psoriasis, you have, type its location, its severity, your age and overall health. It also depends on how much is the impact of your condition, whether physical (such factors as joint pain) or emotional (from skin rash may cover a larger area of the body or visible), as embarrassment or frustration.
Drugs for skin (topical treatment)

Treatment of mild psoriasis, by a few isolated patches of the characteristics, starting skin care, including your skin moist. Treatment often involves combining the basic treatment and products that you can get without a prescription, including:

    * Cream, ointment, and lotion to moisturize the skin.
    * Shampoo, oil, and spray treatment of psoriasis of the scalp.
    * Some exposure to the sun.

Equally important is to avoid what can trigger an outbreak of psoriasis or make the condition worse. Stress, skin injury, infections, use of alcohol products will help to onset of symptoms. Streptococcal infection, usually affecting the upper respiratory tract, with guttate psoriasis.

Effective treatment can improve your overall well-being and reduce your physical symptoms.

You can try, if your prescription is not psoriasis products can help you without a prescription. Topical drugs for the treatment of psoriasis include:

    D * vitamin compounds, such as Calcipotriol.
    * Topical corticosteroids such as betamethasone.
    * Anthracene and tar.
    * Retinoic acid, such as tazarotene.

A so-called occlusion therapy treatment may be effective for some people. This involves first of all use, such as moisturizers, medicated creams or gel skin care products, and then wrap the skin with tape, fabric, or plastic. Block helps keep the area moist, increasing the effectiveness of medicinal cream. On the use of pre-occlusion treatment with your doctor to make sure you do security.

Treatment using more than one drug is often done locally. This helps prevent some side effects from powerful drugs. Example, you can use in medicine, but this week one and on weekends.

Cream, ointment, lotion and skin work better than others, some people spread to other drugs. If a drug does not clear your psoriasis, your doctor may suggest you try another drug or treatment combination.

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