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Nose picking it will cause disease?

Updated: Monday, Nov 09,2009, 3:50:33 PM
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Is also sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, causing a lot of people mistakenly think that a cold, so taking cold medicine. The problem is that cold medicines are effective. Because most of the cold medicines contain alleviate runny nose, sneezing involved, but the treatment of rhinitis, the majority of people over the next few days will also recurring nasal congestion, runny nose and other symptoms. Clinically, many patients can develop into chronic rhinitis, Rhinology and we have to go for medical treatment. Not only to cure the difficulties, the effort and money spent far more than a cold.

Distinguish between a cold and rhinitis

The Third Central Hospital ENT Shu Tao, director of the East, told reporters the following four kinds of typical symptoms can correctly distinguish between a cold and allergic rhinitis.

A, sneezing. Cold would be sneezing, but a low frequency; and one of the symptoms of allergic rhinitis is a continuous sneezing.

2, stream clear nose. Flow nose usually appear in the cold clear early, quantity is not a lot. The allergic rhinitis accompanied by sneezing, there will be a large number of nose.

3, nasal itching. Mainly as a stuffy nose during a cold. Allergic rhinitis nasal cavity and throat will be very itchy, can not help but keep his hands rub the nose. May also be accompanied by eyes, ears, itchy throat and so many, there hyposmia.

4, systemic symptoms. A cold at the same time there are systemic symptoms such as generalized weakness, muscle aches, etc.. But no systemic symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

3 bad habits

Blowing his nose: both sides of the nose at the same time force

Blowing his nose is the most frequent moves in patients with rhinitis, but it will make the nose blowing his nose is full of sinus mucus membranes, allowing sinuses to become breeding grounds for germs.

Blowing his nose the right way: to block the side of the nostrils, blowing the other side, and alternately. After blowing his nose with toilet tissue immediately washed away or thrown into the sealed dustbin.

Pick their nose: may lead to intracranial infection

Pick their nose is almost a lot of people have a habit of action, pick their nose in one hand, can damage nasal mucosa, in the hands of bacteria and viruses may cause localized folliculitis. As the nose at the medical "dangerous triangle", if the inflammation was controlled well, it is possible intracranial invasive, life-threatening, so the best way to quit a bad habit of nose picking.

Swallowing the nose: easy to stimulate the throat and gastrointestinal

Nose contains dust, bacteria and other microscopic allergens, harmful substances and, when swallowed will cause irritation to the mucosa of the throat, causing coughing, a prolonged period, lead to chronic laryngitis and swallowing to the gastrointestinal bacteria and viruses will be in the right gastric intestinal mucosa resulting stimulation, cause the disease.

Three methods of treatment

Rinse: rhinitis, sinusitis patients, the more serious environmental pollution in the work of the people, dry nose and nasal surgery more serious people can go to hospital for nasal washing, which can effectively relieve nasal discomfort. At home can also be used with water or dilute brine to wash the nose: The nose dipped in salt water, with the inspiratory nasal inhalation of water, let the full contact with the nasal mucosa, stop for a moment, and then the water exhaled and repeated 1-3 minutes. Attention to preventing the choking of water into the trachea. Dried nasal drip 1-2 drops of vegetable oil in the nasal cavity in order to maintain nasal moisture.

Massage: The rub his hands to the middle finger on both sides of the bottom-up driven along the nose and the other fingers, rub to both sides of the forehead to the separation, after both sides down, over and over again; two thumbs slightly bent, the other four fingers make a fist of light , with thumb back a little back and forth up and down along the nose Rub both sides of the "Towards fragrant cave", from the eye-ming hole;

Press Point: facial massage with your fingers Ying-Xiang Point, YINTANG points several times. Ying Xiang points on both sides of the nose, nasolabial fold in; YINTANG brow to connect the two points at the midpoint.

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