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Moderate sun exposure helps to lower blood pressure

Updated: Friday, Apr 25,2014, 8:42:03 PM
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A new study shows that moderate sun exposure can help reduce high blood pressure , and hypertension is a risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

The study published in a recent issue of " Skin scientific journal " on that nitric oxide concentration in the sun can change the skin , blood vessels to dilate , thus achieving the blood pressure lowering effect . Due to the small portion of nitric oxide enters the circulatory system from the skin , dilation of blood vessels . If the blood pressure down , suffering from heart disease and reduce the risk of stroke will follow .

British researchers of the University of Southampton in southern 24 volunteers were tested , divided into two phases , the first phase, the researchers asked subjects received Tanning light irradiation , UV absorption and heat, lasted 20 minutes ; in Phase 2 , the researchers UV blocking , just let light emitted heat, the time is 20 minutes . The results showed that the absorption of ultraviolet rays to the subject a marked decrease in blood pressure .

The researchers said the study supports the " association between blood pressure and cardiovascular disease ," this theory. Studies have shown , the high incidence of cardiovascular disease will live with the seasons and different latitudes in winter and regional higher latitudes , the onset of cardiovascular disease, the higher the probability of ultraviolet rays and lower in those areas this season .

The researchers noted that , to avoid excessive sun exposure is the key to preventing skin cancer , but did not the sun, it will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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