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Menstruation for diet therapy methods

Updated: Tuesday, Nov 03,2009, 10:28:37 PM
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The vast majority of women's menstrual cycle is regular, cramps once a month is a normal physiological phenomenon, it depends on the hypothalamus - pituitary - ovarian axis regulation, no matter which part of the problem occurs out of disorder, affecting the health of women. Therefore, women in the menstrual period to be extra careful not considered to be "old friends" came, and the expense of their own care.


3 major changes in the body during menstruation

1. Menstruating by the endocrine effects of reduced cerebral cortex excitability, weakened immunity and induced susceptibility to the disease.

2. Menstrual pelvic congestion, when the cause uterine endometrial shedding the formation of a number of wounds, usually closed cervix, menstrual slightly open and susceptible to bacteria invasion.

3. Vaginal washing blood PH value as a result change, defense function decline, and menstruation can also promote bacteria growth and reproduction and reproductive organs susceptible to inflammation than usual.

Menstrual irregularities move 10

1. Emotional

Menstruation should maintain a good mood as usual, to prevent the mood swings, emotional distress when they do not maintain a stable mood of paramount importance. Such as emotional excitement, depression, anger often makes Qi stagnation which led to the late menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, and so on.

2. Too tired

Menstrual reasonable arrangements should pay attention to work schedules to avoid strenuous exercise and manual labor, so that work and rest. Menstrual fan too labor force, can lead to menstrual extended or menorrhagia; the other hand the excessive ease and comfort, blood stagnate, prone to cause dysmenorrhea embolism.

3. Drink tea

Menstrual period due to drink boiled water, not drink tea. Because tea contains caffeine high, can stimulate nerves and cardiovascular, easily lead to dysmenorrhea, menstrual extended or excessive bleeding. The same time, the tannins in tea and food in the intestine of iron-binding, precipitation will occur and affect iron absorption, causing anemia. In addition, the menstrual period is better not drinking, smoking, eating food and strong irritant.

Insider tips: In the menstrual exceptionally warm drink wine or liquor of women have a lot of this is because the temperature dropped during menstruation in the 0.3-0.4 degrees warmer subconsciously want to make the body a number of reasons. Therefore, during this period, drink 1-2 glasses of wine is the appropriate amount of not more.

4. Undernutrition

Because the monthly loss of menstrual cramps after a certain amount of blood, it should be appropriate to increase nutrition, such as protein, vitamins and iron, calcium. Menstruation should eat a little eggs, lean meat, fish, soy products and fresh vegetables, fruits and so on. Should not be eating and drinking, eating partial or eat spicy if eaten more of the products to help yang can lead to early menstruation, menorrhagia, etc.; too cold food cold food, can cause dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, vaginal discharge symptoms.

5. Still sex life

Menstrual sex life should be prohibited because the menstrual period, endometrial exfoliation, uterine cavity with fresh wounds. If the sex life, is likely to bring into bacteria, causing genital inflammation, but also the growth or menstrual blood can be extended upon.

6. By cold

Menstrual keep warm and avoid cold, not rain, wading or swimming, do not sit in wet, cool of the Department and the air-conditioning, fans of the wind crossing. Do not use cold water bath, foot, in order to avoid menstrual disorders.

7. Bath

Some people usually like to Bath, but in the menstrual period, because the cervix is opening a hip bath or bath is easy to make contaminated water into the uterine cavity, leading to genital inflammation.

8. To wear tights

If you wear a legislative crotch during menstruation small, hip little tights will make local capillary pressure, thus affecting the blood circulation, increase the friction perineum can easily lead to congestion and edema in the perineum, may even lead to diseases such as urinary and reproductive system infections.

9. Loudly humming

Women in the menstrual respiratory tract mucous membrane hyperemia, vocal cords are also congestive, or even swelling. Loud hum or speak loudly, vocal muscle fatigue.

10. To do X-ray examination

Women of childbearing age before menstruation, at ovulation stage, this time for X-ray examination, the egg cell, or fertilized eggs can be damaged, causing stunted embryo, resulting in the fetus after birth, congenital anomalies, malformations, mental retardation, limb defects and so on.

The vast majority of women's menstrual cycle is regular, cramps once a month is a normal physiological phenomenon, it depends on the hypothalamus - pituitary - ovarian axis regulation, no matter which part of the problem occurs out of disorder, affecting the health of women. Therefore, women in the menstrual period to be extra careful not considered to be "old friends" came, and the expense of their own care.


10 diet recipe

Women in the menstrual period should pay attention to nutrition, appropriate complementary foods with a blood effect, such as the liver, pig heart, Yang Gan, bovine, beef tendon, jujube, longan meat, carrots, spinach, eggs and soy products, but also in According to the different physical characteristics of therapeutic use of Chinese medicine for conditioning.

Lamb porridge

Fresh mutton 250 grams, 100 grams of rice, onions, ginger, salt the right amount. Wash the lamb, sliced, with rice, onions, ginger, salt, in the conventional way Aozhou to lamb Shulan.

Efficacy: qi, nourishing the blood and pain relief. Apply to blood deficiency type dysmenorrhea.

Pigskin gel

Pigskin 1,000 grams, rice wine 250 ml, 250 grams of sugar. Wash the skin after the shredding, add appropriate amount of water, with slow fire Dunzhi sticky juice, add sugar, rice wine can be. 2 times a day, with open water will warm clothes in after.

Efficacy: nourishing benefits yin, Nourishing Kidney and Liver. Women's blood deficiency can cure fatigue, irregular menstruation embolism, right waist, leg pain were better effect.

Motherwort fried shepherd's purse

3 grams of fresh Motherwort, fresh shepherd's purse 30 grams, vegetable oil amount. Will be fresh Motherwort, fresh washed off shepherd's purse. Placed each on the wok, pour vegetable oil Heat, put fresh Motherwort, Fry shepherd's purse can be eaten fresh. 1 day twice, serving until the blood only.

Efficacy: Motherwort has blood circulation, Poxue, the role of menstruation; shepherd's purse shepherd's purse containing acid, can reduce bleeding, clotting time, so as to achieve the purpose of bleeding, the blood stasis type menorrhagia particularly effective.

Sesame liver

Liver 250 grams, 1,000 grams of soybean oil (the actual consumption of 100 grams), sesame seeds 100 grams, 50 grams of flour, 2 eggs, salt, onion, ginger the right amount. The liver cut into thin slices, with salt, diced green onion, ginger fine, dipped in flour, sesame seeds, eggs, juice, and then put in the pot bean oil, till the seven mature into the dip seasoning of the liver, fried permeability can pan presentation, table consumption.

Efficacy: nourishing benefits yin, nourishing the liver and kidney. Spleen or diarrhea, but pond who would choose this inappropriate for therapeutic feeding programs.

Zhu Yu Zhou

Health yam 100 grams, 100 grams of Health Yiyiren, longan meat 15 grams, 100 grams of japonica rice. Coix seed and rice cooked first, and then peeled and crushed raw yams and longan meat into Tongzhu of porridge.
Effects: Spleen Qi, double complement Heart and menstrual period of consumption, will help to restore blood.

Cuttlefish stewed chicken bone

Squid 30 g, Chinese angelica 30 grams, 100 grams of chicken, salt, monosodium glutamate appropriate. Dice the chicken, Chinese angelica slice, squid bones smashed into 500 ml of water within these jar, salt amount, on a steamer steamed, day 1. Generally 3-5 times to bear fruit.

Efficacy: cuttlefish bones have stopped the bleeding and the role of convergence, angelica and chicken blood are high quality goods, so blood deficiency type menorrhagia is highly effective.

Corn stew meat

Corn Silk 30 grams, 120 grams of lean meat, salt amount, a little MSG. Will lean cuts, along with the corn to be placed inside the jar, add 500 ml of water, on the steamer steamed to seal the meat cooked, add salt, MSG, still hot to take.

Effect: Corn should have the role of cooling blood to stop bleeding, collapse of civil commonly used to treat red, lean meat can be blood, the two to cooperate, governance blood heat menorrhagia significant effect.

Angelica Ginger Mutton Soup

Angelica 30 grams, ginger 30 grams, 500 grams of fine lamb. Put together in casserole, add appropriate amount of water, first Wuhuoshaofei, and then changed Wenhuo Dunzhi rotten meat, seasoning immediately after taking once a day, flesh-eating Yin Tang.

Efficacy: warm through the cold-dispelling, blood and regulating menstruation, suitable for the irregular menstruation blood deficiency are those who take cold conditioning.

Evodia porridge

Evodia, ginger, scallion stalk of a small amount, 50 grams of japonica rice. Be Evodia research to fine, with the first rice porridge until the rice cooked and, after the end of the next Evodia ginger, scallion stalk, Tongzhu of porridge.

Effects: Spleen Nuanwei, warm in the cold-dispelling, pain antiemetic. Applicable Deficiency Type dysmenorrhea and Zhongwan abdominal Leng Tong, to throw up against the spit acid. Dosage should not be too large, should start small doses. All fever, Yin Huo-wang real disease and patients Jifu.

Stewed dried lotus seeds and lychee

Litchi stem 20, lotus 60 grams. Will be dry peeled lychee and nuclear, lotus seeds to the heart, cleaned on the ceramic water tank 500 ml in the fire on the steamer with steamed taking.

Efficacy: Litchi stem nutrient-rich, folk has always been considered a tonic that can enrich the blood Zi spleen; lotus role is mainly Spleen Guse, the two combined, compatibility right, so often used to treat deficiency of the spleen menorrhagia.

Warm Tips:

1. Menstrual vulva should be kept clean to shower or sponge bath is appropriate, do not bath.

2. Every night can be used warm water washing the vulva, washing, when to avoid sewage into the vagina.

3. Toilet tissue used to back Kaishi later, to prevent contamination of internal and external genitalia.

4. Menstrual sure to select the texture is soft, pale, sterile sanitary napkins, and to frequently changes.

5. Menstruation can engage in whatever appropriate activities, such as walking, so as to promote blood circulation, so that menstrual smooth.

6. Attention to nutrition and sleep, eat nutritious, easily digestible food, should not overeat, and drink plenty of water, to maintain smooth stool.

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