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Menstrual period eating Taboo

Updated: Monday, Nov 23,2009, 5:12:52 PM
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Menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon of adult women, but menstrual period, the body will be affected to some degree, such as lowered immunity, mood volatility, irritability, anxiety and so on. Because of menstrual blood loss, so that the body's iron loss of more, especially those who menorrhagia. Therefore, in order to avoid Guofenlaolei menstrual period, maintaining the spirit of happy things, in the diet should note the following Taboo.

(1) bogey cold, preferably warm: Chinese medicine believe that the blood is too hot lines, too cold then the hysteresis. Menstrual period as to eat cold, a stomach injury hinder digestion, two easy to damage the human body yang, prone inside the cold, cold stagnate, make the blood to run sluggish, resulting in too little blood, and even dysmenorrhea. Even in the summer the summer season, the menstrual period does not Yichi ice cream and other cold drinks. Diet in order to help blood circulation is suitable warm smooth. Eat during the winter can also be an appropriate role in a prescription for warming food, such as beef, chicken, longan, wolfberry fruit and so on.

(2) bogey hot and sour, preferably light: menstrual period often make people feel very tired, weakened digestion, poor appetite. In order to maintain nutritional needs, diet should be fresh and suitable. Fresh food is not only delicious, easy to absorb, and the destruction of less nutritious, pollution is also small. Menstrual period on the diet in the food production should be based on light digestible mainly eat or not eat fried, spicy food hot and sour, etc., so as not to affect the digestion and stimulation through the blood too spicy.

(3), with meat and vegetables to prevent iron deficiency: women's menstrual period is usually about 30 to 50 per bleeding ml, 0.5 mg of iron per ml, which means the loss per menstrual iron to 15 ~ 50 mg. Iron is essential element of the human body, it not only involved in the blood by the protein and synthesis of a number of important enzymes, but also on the immune, intelligence, aging, energy metabolism, etc. have played an important role. Therefore, the menstrual period fortification iron-rich and beneficial to digestion and absorption of food is very necessary. Fish and a variety of animal liver, blood, lean meat, egg yolk and other foods rich in iron. High biological activity, easy to absorb by the body. And soybeans, spinach plants rich in iron, is not susceptible to digestion. Therefore, the development of diet is best when the tower with meat and vegetables, proper eating more animal foods, especially animal blood, not only rich in iron, but also rich in quality protein. Menstrual period is a cheap and good health food products. Choose consumption, to meet the women's menstrual period the special needs of iron. In short, the menstrual period should follow the principle of a balanced diet, combined with the special physical needs menstrual period, supply a reasonable diet, Taboo and to ensure a healthy diet.

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