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Menstrual period can not drink green tea

Updated: Monday, Nov 23,2009, 5:10:23 PM
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Green tea on human health plays a very important role, but no matter how good the food there are also some food taboos. Menstrual period for women who drink green tea will not only not conducive to health, but also bring some trouble to give the body.

Menstruating women, faced with a lot of blood loss, while an important element of human hemoglobin synthesis --- iron, but also, together with the loss of blood lost. According to the research, in addition to the iron loss of the normal human body, the women's menstrual period but also additional losses for each 18-21 mg of iron. Therefore, we often advocate of women at this time to add more multi-containing iron-rich foods, such as black fungus, liver and so on, so as to avoid iron-deficiency anemia. However, if you drink green tea during menstruation, these efforts will come to naught. Because green tea contains more tannins, with the iron in food molecules, forming a large number of precipitates hinder the intestinal mucosa absorption of iron molecules. Studies have shown that the more concentrated green tea on iron absorption of the greater impediment, especially after dinner drink tea more apparent.

Therefore, women and patients with anemia, even in peacetime, it's best to drink less tea.

Second, the women's menstrual period there are often symptoms of constipation. According to the research, with luteinizing hormone secretion. More tannin in green tea may increase the symptoms of constipation, as tannic acid has a role in convergence, can slow down bowel movements, which led to the stool retention in the intestine.

Third, women during menstruation, due to changes in neuroendocrine regulatory function, often accompanied by varying degrees of mental stress, headaches, breast tenderness and other reactions. To avoid these reactions, should control their emotions, do not let the spirit of over-excited. However, the tea's caffeine, theophylline and other cocoa material is excited with the role of people will increase dysmenorrhea, headache, menstrual lumbar acid reaction.

For women who used to drink tea, if the menstrual period due to a sudden stop drinking tea and not adapting, you can also try tea mouthwash can meet the tea addiction, which would be cool to make oral comfort, to eliminate bad breath and protect the role of the teeth.

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